Hypnosis, shhhh, the secret all us smart girls should know

Okay it's not a secret as such but I bet few of us have considered how hypnosis can help navigate our modern, hectic lives.

So I'm here to tell you...It really can, it's simple. You just have to think like a Smart girl.

So who is this Smart Girl anyway?

You’re a Smart Girl if:

  • You want the best out of life, you know a good thing when you see it and sharp enough to grab hold of it tight.
  • You’re wise enough to know life sometimes gets tricky and bright enough to turn for help when it all gets too much.
  • You’re nobody’s fool, not afraid to question the mainstream, make your own way while keeping your options open.

Sound like anyone you know?

Here's the thing—we are none of us born with all the answers, we learn along the way, whether or not it's a hard lesson, well that is up to you.

Perhaps right now you don't always make the smartest choices, act in the smartest way. move in the smartest direction.

But I know you are a Smart girl at heart; How? 

We are all Smart girls

And the good news is, we can always get smarter.

One smart ways to do this is with hypnosis, just let me show you how.

As a trained hypnotherapist I help lots of girls improve their lives...because they're smart they can often have some queries and reservations about hypnosis.  

Now don’t worry, there’ll be no brainwashing here, I won’t make you do my every bidding ( I have a boyfriend for that).

I won't have you clucking like a chicken or anything else so undignified.

I must confess I have a pocket watch, (a vintage one, it tells me the time and looks good with my pinstripe blazer and heels) but you won’t find me swinging it in your face telling you you’re ‘sleeeeepy’ like the clichéd hypnotist in the old movies...

and anyway, falling asleep is the last thing I want you to do, it wouldn't do much for my reputation if you did....

Here we’ll find hypnosis downloads as well as down-to-earth advice and helpful tips, a friendly guide to help avoid the pitfalls of modern life .

So what’s on offer?

  • Improving your natural skills and resources for your working day
  • A gentle push towards better health and as a result; clearer skin, increased energy and a body you’ll be proud of
  • Guidance in dealing with your complex circle of friends, with maddening family members and of course your boyfriend/girlfriend/ husband/friend with benefits (delete as applicable)

Hypnosis is not scary it can help you become generally more confident, self assured, resilient, attractive....an all-round Smart girl, in fact.

This website offers a number of free downloads, tailor made for some common and annoying problems. Feel welcome to try them out and see firsthand what hypnosis can do for you.

Read more about one way to think about hypnosis

Still not sure?

We all know in everyday life problems arise that leave us feeling lost and unsure....A relationship break down can make us sad and lonely.

We can wake up feeling great only to find anxiety appears seemingly from nowhere to ruin our day. We can live our lives confused and stressed, tired, burnt out, not being, feeling or looking our best.

We deserve better and I think hypnosis can help

Oh yeah and If you just want to stop biting your nails, or need help saying no thanks when offered that third chocolate biscuit....well it can help with that too.

It's not always the big things that stop us being Smart, for some it's a few bad habits or unhelpful attitudes that let us down and hold us back.

These articles and downloads address the big and not so big issues. Take a moment to check them out, you may find one that ticks your box and start being a Smart girl today.

What is hypnosis
Smart girls may not know what is hypnosis but they sure know why they should they care? because it can help us all live the smartest life possible
Hypnosis the Smart facts
For all Smart girls out there, you don’t need to learn the science for hypnosis to work for you, but knowing some basic facts can definitely improve the benefits.
Hypnosis, Trance and the unconscious mind
Introducing your unconscious mind; best friend or worst enemy. Hypnosis can help you work together and with your powers combined almost anything is achievable
Hypnosis for stress.
Hypnosis for stress. Stress is a bitch, hypnosis can relieve her negative effects the smart way, find out how and try a free hypnosis 4 stress relief download
Free hypnosis downloads
Smart girls know what's good for them,body and mind and so they love these free hypnosis downloads
Hypnosis videos
Smart girls know the importance of listening, but why not watch too? Smart girls videos are aimed at helping us gain and maintain emotional wellbeing, keeping us on track towards ultimate smartness
Why Confidence is Important
Smart girls know confidence is a good girl to have on our team, but exactly why confidence is important is a good thing to ponder, let me explain.
self esteem definition
Smart girls know Self esteem is vital for a fulfilling life and so a self esteem definition is just the thing to get to know this girl better
Smart girls know 'Anxiety' is a manipulative drag who thinks she has a right mess with our lives. Take control of anxiety starting right here.
Stress, hypnosis, easy relief
Stress is a bitch! Don’t let her take over your life and make you unhappy, tired and ill. Hypnosis can offer easy relief and minimise the negative effects in your life.
Fear is a bully, she can push us around and get us down but Smart girls know she's not so strong, Smart girls know how to fight back, take control and reclaim their lives and you can too.
Anxiety Facts
Smart girls know anxiety is a controlling drag, knowing Anxiety facts about this toxic friend makes it easier for us to claim back our lives.
define stress
Stress is a Bitch. But Smart girls know it's good to define our enemy, so get to know her, meet her nicer sister Eustress and find out how hypnosis can help us deal with both.
Stress and Health
Stress is a bitch, she makes us unhappy and unwell, be smart find out how she effects our health and learn how hypnosis can help us feel well.
Smart Girls Bag of Tricks
Smart Girls Bag of Tricks - we all need one, techniques, strategies and life skills to rely on when the need arises. Discover these free hypnosis resources and much much more.
Affirmation Definition
Negative thinking can be a foxy saboteur but Smart girls know affirmations are effective, out-fox the fox with affirmation definition and pave the way for the smarter lives we all deserve.
Subliminal Positive Affirmations
Smart girls know positive thinking is a good idea. Subliminal positive Affirmations are hidden from our awareness, just the thing to train to get a healthy dose of Smart thinking.
Definition of breathing
Smart girls know Breathing is way to improve our health, appearance and emotional well-being. Discover a definition of breathing and why it's a smart idea.
Power nap
Power nap, it’s not lazy it’s a smart idea for every girl wanting benefits for body and mind. Let Hypnosis 4 smart girls show you how it’s done.
Sleep is one of our best friends but one most of us don't make time for. But smart girls treat her well and reap all the benefits.Find out how to sleep smart with hyonosis.
stress relaxation
Stress is a bitch but smart girls know Stress relaxation can help put her in place, using hypnosis we can invite in her nicer sister, relaxation into our lives instead and feel better in body and mind
Sleep Well Tonight
Smart girls know Sleep is a mighty ally, one many of us neglect on a nightly basis, Sleep Well Tonight a relaxing audio from hypnosis 4 smart girls will lull you off to a deep restorative rest.
Beach Relax
Smart girls know that Beach Relax is the best relaxation, leaving us refreshed rejuvenated and full of beans, download Smart beach relax and get that feeling everyday.
anxiety quotes
Anxiety quotes, for those looking to get to know anxiety a bit better, better to deal with negative effects she causes in our lives
quotes about confidence
Smart girls know confidence is a good girl to have on their team and quotes about confidence can inspire and motivate.

If you are feeling deeply unhappy, desperate or out-of-control, Hypnosis 4 smart girls is not what you need at this time. Don't suffer in silence, speak to someone; trusted friend, colleague, family member or G.P. However bleak things seem, help is out there for you so please keep looking. Click here for suggestions of where to start.

Attention all Smart Girls (And Guys)

Don't Get Scared: Get Smart!

Hypnosis 4 Smart Girls



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