Anxiety at Night

Anxiety at night? Don't lose sleep

Anxiety at Night is a real nightmare!

Smart girls know Anxiety is a controlling drag, she follows us around, telling us lies and half truths, making us scared and fretful.

And  when she visits after dark bringing with her worrying thoughts and fearful feelings we can toss and turn all night long.

Sleep anxiety is quite common for those of us prone to anxious feelings but anxiety at night may effect those of us who do not experience anxiety and excess worries at other times of the day.

In the daytime maybe we can control fearful thoughts, take action or distract ourselves. But when lying in a dark, quiet room there's no where to hide and all those anxious worries can creep into our mind.

Anxiety is a slippery character developing from real life situations, fear about job security, health worries, exam anxieties, problems with money, relationships issues or career prospects etc.

Sometimes there is no concrete reason we can pin it on and anxious feelings  seem to come from nowhere which can be baffling and distressing for a sufferer.

Sleep anxiety can not only cause trouble falling asleep, but trouble staying asleep, early morning waking, sleeping too much or restless and unsatisfying sleep that leaves us feeling tired and groggy in the morning.

Anxiety and insomnia have a troubling link, one can cause and perpetuate the other creating a vicious circle of bad nights and anxious feelings.

Or it can be the simple worry about not being able to sleep that becomes a self fulfilling prophesy. Lying in bed, stressed and anxious - watching the seconds, minutes and hours pass and imagining how tired we will be in the morning.

Anxiety at night can have some nasty side-effects such as night sweats, nightmares, night-terrors. Not to mention the result on our daytime performance at work, university, college and the effects on our emotional health libido and mood. This includes our ability to make good life-decisions, take safe precautions, avoid accidents and make healthy exercise and food choices.  

Sometimes the anxiety at night can result in a full blown panic attack which is really distressing for and will not set you up for a good night sleep.

If you suffer anxiety attacks at night try  hypnosis 4 smart girls: Calming Coping Statements for anxiety attack

This audio is for moments of high anxiety! By focussing on breathing and rational calming statements you can allow the attack to pass.

The good news is we all can overcome anxiety and claim back our peaceful nights.

Anxiety is universal  but is also unique in how it effects each of us,  so we each respond to differing techniques to reduce it.

For some we need to focus on our bedtime habits, when we tweak our bedtime routine, anxiety free sleep will soon come. For some, it is the stress and anxiety we experience in our general lives which is keeping us awake and needs to be dealt.  

It can take some effort and perseverance but we can show anxiety who's boss. One thing is clear, good quality sleep is so very important to our wellbeing and health, our beauty and smartness that it is well worth the effort to get sorted. 

Look here for a detailed look at Sleep  a friend you want to make, the benefits of having her on your team as well as tips and techniques to revitalise your relationship.

For hypnotic audio resources to help a anxiety free sleep, read on.

For quick tips to better prepare your body and mind for sleep tonight and in the future, read on. 

Hypnosis for Anxiety at Night 

This hypnosis audio is designed to help release anxiety at night by letting go of the worries we hold and guiding us into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Listen only when you are tucked up in bed, ready and willing to drift off.

Take all safety precautions before listening, turn of electrical items, put out candles, this is designed to lead you to deep sleep. 

 Affirmations for a good night sleep are for those who have bad associations with sleep, as well as those who need to tweak a few bedtime habits. Affirmations need to be listened to regularly for at least two weeks this can be in the daytime or just before bed. 

Reminder - Sleep problems can be a symptom of various conditions or medical problems.  It is important to discuss your sleep problems with a medical doctor or health care provider.

Some quick Do's and Don'ts for Anxiety at night, ways to prepare body and mind for a restful night.

Bedtime Do's

  • GET A GOOD MATTRESS AND PILLOWS - A well supported comfortable body is the foundation for a good nights rest. 
  • EXERCISE - We sleep better when we are physically tired, regular exercise is helpful but only light exercise in the hours before bed such as yoga and light stretches. 
  • WRITE IT DOWN - Keep a worry journal, write down your worries and anxious thoughts and feelings. Make a pact with yourself that you will leave them there for tonight.
  • ROUTINE - Establish you own sleep time routine, for example before bedtime regularly take a hot bath, read a book, listen to soothing music.
  • HIDE THE CLOCK - Clock watching is a sure fire way to feel anxious, set an alarm but cover the face.
  • GET A TORCH - If you need to use the bathroom use a torch or your mobile phone to light your way rather than turning on overhead lights. 
  • CHANGE MEDICATION - Sleep difficulties can be a side effect, speak to your doctor about alternative medication.

Bedtime Do Not's !
(At least two hours before sleep)

  • SMOKE, CONSUME ALCOHOL OR CAFFEINATED DRINKS - You may believe that it relaxes you but these are all false friends and will only result in a restless, anxious night and poor quality sleep.
  • ANSWER WORK OR SOCIAL EMAILS - No wonder the body is on constant alert, bedtime is for sleep, leave electronic devices out of the bedroom. 
  • READ OR PLAY ON ELECTRONIC DEVICES - The background blue light stimulates the brain like sunlight. 
  • FIGHT - Bedtime is not the time for conflict, arguments and resentments. If you have a habit of fighting with family or a partner at nighttime, learn other more effective ways to resolve differences without ruining sleep.
  • THINK TWICE ABOUT SLEEP MEDICATION - Sleeping tablets or anti anxiety drugs will not always work or the effectiveness may decrease over time as well as being difficult to stop taking. For some they can be useful in the short term but life style changes are the better longterm option. Educate yourself and discuss alternatives  with your doctor.

Remember: Start Small - Small changes can have a large impact over time.

Be consistent - What ever you try, try the same thing each night.

Be Patient - Life style changes can take time to improve sleep and reduce anxiety, as new habits need to be installed and old habits and beliefs let go of. This can take time, sometimes things can seem to get worse before the get better but keep going, positive change will have positive results.

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