Fear's a Bully.

 But Smart girls know how to fight back

Fear is a bully!

And like any bully she's often a destructive force in our lives.

She can threaten, harass, and terrorise.

She can undermine our decisions and desires so we never strive for what we want and deserve.

She makes a tiny spider look like a tarantula or the prospect of speaking in public enough to take a backseat in our career.

Shevworks closely with her unpleasant friends, Stress and Anxiety, they are similar in the way they make us feel and behave but are different in subtle ways.

She can hold us back in all the important areas of our life, Just think about the ways she likes to mess and meddle in our personal business! 

  • Stop us getting that better job
  • Scare us off meeting and keeping the love of our life
  • Prevent us taking healthy risks towards our ultimate success and wellbeing

The negative effect of her influence on our self esteem and confidence are many, she can leave us feeling;

  • Out of control and overwhelmed
  • Helpless, pathetic and weak
  • Ashamed and unsure

And she’s not good for our health either.

Chronic fear and anxiety create the same health issues as stress. Which may include;

  • unwanted weight gain or weight loss. 
  • damage to skin hair and nails.
  • Insomnia and sleep problems.
  • headaches, tummy and toilet  problems, cold and flu.

Not to mention the serious health implications, including increased levels of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes.

You get the point. Excess dread is not good for us.

But I can't bad mouth her entirely, there's a reason she has such an influence on our lives.

Through the fight or flight response she alerts us to danger, keeps us safe, helps us to overcome adversity, lets us know when things aren’t right and gives us the strength to protect ourselves if ever in a life and death situation.

Today we are fortunate that what frightens us is rarely of the ‘life or death’ variety.

The problem is the majority of the time what we’re afraid of is created in our mind,

or we have come to associated danger to everyday events and objects that don't deserve the status of 'life or death'. 

However fright will make us overreact because our body does not recognise the difference of between real danger and what we 'think' of as danger.

Who hasn’t woken with a start, sweat drenched, heart beating, stomach churning, senses heightened only to discover that the monster we were running from was just a nightmare.

Even minutes later, when we know it was all a dream, our body remains on full alert and ready for action, the fright certainly feels real, even if the monster is not.

In the same way many of us get frightened by things and situations that are not a realistic threat to our lives yet fill us with dread.

Recognise any of these scenarios?

  • Does the thought of giving that presentation at work sends chills down your spine?
  • The thought of arriving at the party alone makes your stomach start fluttering?
  • The thought of flying on that airplane make another cloudy British summer seem preferable to the paradise beach?

When fright makes us respond this way it’s time to face the bully.

It’s understandable to feel apprehensive, maybe she’s worn us out, clouded our thinking, paralysed us from taking action.

She’s convinced many of us that she’s too strong and that we are helpless.

Yes she is a bully...

But like many bullies she is not as strong as she appears.

Being Smart means a healthy respect for Fear and seeing it for what it is.

Being Smart means taking responsibility and claiming back control.

It means being  willing to change your perception of what frightens us and learn techniques to remain calm.

One tip; Relax! You can't be frightened and relaxed at the same time.  

When you feel Fear knocking at the door give yourself 5 to 30 minutes to relax fully. Find a selection of relaxing hypnosis audios and guided visualisations here. Listen, relax and tell fear where to go!

Fear as a natural and necessary emotion that should and could  never be gone completely from our lives.

However she can be greatly reduced, redirected, released and worked through.

Hypnosis 4 smart girls doesn't like bullies so check out these resourses tips and techniques to help deal more effectively with the her negative effects.

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