How to Power Nap

How to Power Nap

How to power nap: A midday snooze is a smart idea, there are so many benefits to a restorative, refreshing, energising power nap.

Want to catch up on sleep, be more productive or improve overall health and beauty? It can be easily to incorporate a nap into our day. 

Some will find it easy, our bodies are literally calling out for a midday nap all we need is permission and the opportunity to turn off for a while, but for many of us it may take some persuading our body and easing of our mind into the idea of taking a nap in the middle of the day.

Luckily here in the smart bag of tricks you’ll find a special smart power nap download, a five minute relaxation to help you turn off your mind and body followed by 15 minutes of relaxing music to ease you into snooze land and of course gently wake you up at the end.

We also can find detailed tips and advice here to guide us through the pitfalls of our first attempts at smart snoozing.

So please have a look at the action plan below and you’ll soon be napping like a cat.

Accessories: you may need;

  • An eye mask or big glamorous sunglasses.
  • Earphones and relaxing music, hypnosis download.
  • A pillow and rug.
  • A 'Do not disturb' sign.

How to power nap 1: Don’t Worry

Try not to worry if at first you’re not napping off, many of us may find it hard to switch off our busy hectic minds or may feel anxious about not falling asleep during the nap, resulting in stress and defeating the whole object of the process.

Remember that just taking a moment for ourselves, closing our eyes and relaxing are in itself healthy and beneficial. Just focus on relaxing and quietening your mind for 10-20 minutes at first and very soon our bodies will get the idea and restorative napping will come easily.

To help us get our bodies and minds in the mood for a power nap, try listening to any of hypnosis 4 smart girls downloads all are perfectly designed to produce a deep level of relaxation as well as give many positive beneficial suggestions. Once we get used to relaxing in the middle of the day our bodies can take the cue to let go.

How to power nap 2: Set the Scene

If you want to incorporate a nap regularly into your day finding the right place may take some planning.

If at home your bed is a good place to nap as we associate it with sleep, if not the sofa or comfy chairs are all fine.

At work, it can be tricky but important to find somewhere you will not be disturbed.  Head down on your desk is an option if you have an office. If this proves too uncomfortable consider getting comfy in a chair, in the canteen, a spare office or conference room.

If at all possible put a ‘do not disturb’ sign somewhere near, redirect calls and let colleagues know you’re serious.

Of course it’s not always possible if working for a company or with colleagues who are not ‘napping’ friendly. We can’t expect everyone to be as smart as us so in this case lunchtime snoozing off site is best.

 Consider these options;

  • Snooze In the car if you drive, lock doors and recline the seat.
  • Snooze on public transport, the train or bus for 20 minutes in the morning using earphones and sunglasses but just be sure not to miss the stop.
  • Head to the spa for a 20 minute facial or a sensible and responsible sun bed session
  • If studying or just in need of a quiet environment the local library can be just the ticket.

Weather permitting the park is a great place to snooze in nature takes a blanket to lie on, or use some extra cushioning if sitting on a bench. Remember our body temperature drops during sleep so take an extra layer.

Tip: Ideally get a sleeping buddy, if there are two of you one can watch the belongings while the other gets some shut eye, and then return the favour.

How to power nap 3:The Right time

What time of the day? Earlier is better, studies suggest we have a natural dip in energy levels usually 7 hours after we wake.  We all know that sluggish sleepy time in the afternoon often after eating lunch. 12-2 pm seems a perfect time to for a nap but definitely not after 4 pm else we risk encroach into our night time beauty sleep.

How to power nap 4: For how long?

How long have you got? Napping is not an exact science, often we can let our Schedules decide. If we have only 2-5 minutes, this can still be surprisingly effective at shedding tiredness just don’t expect the effects to last into the evening.

10-20 minutes snooze has been shown to reduce stress and increase alertness.

20-30 minutes. This is the classic nap time. It often fits in well with our schedules and truly delivers all the benefits above as well as allowing for greater brain processing time, means we clear out the junk.  Great for most of us to recharge our batteries, improve our performance and productivity, improved memory and recall, improve motivation.

1hr-90 minutes, these longer naps are not often recommended because  once we move past the first two stages of light sleep (20-30 minutes) we get into deeper stages of sleep, which are very beneficial place to be but can result in sleep inertia, a groggy foggy tiredness which is hard to shake off and far from productive.

Longer naps do have benefits including far greater restorative power, greater improvement in cognitive functions and greater cell repair, all meaning the body gets some real rest and repair time.

If we have the time and inclination trial and error is the way to proceed. Between 60 and 90 minutes is one sleep cycle, if we can wake after our full cycle we skip the unpleasant sleep inertia and still get the benefits. Practice and experiment.

Try an app that charts your cycle over a couple of nights and get an idea.

How to power nap 5: Remove distractions

Turn off your phone and computer! It’s only for 20 minutes -1 hour anything important or exciting can wait, remember this is proactive action you are taking for yourself and your health, and be unavailable for a change.

Make it comfy, loosen belts, take off sharp objects brooches hair accessories, you may want to wait till after your nap before reapplying make-up, bring a pillow from home.

How to power nap 6Don’t sleep too long

Set your alarm clock for the time you have chosen, remember if you download hypnosis for smart girls smart power nap download after 20/30 minutes will bring you gently out of your deep rest.

How to power nap 7: Waking up

When the power nap works you wake after 10-30 minutes feeling refreshed and awake not sleepy and groggy. Consider these tips to get you going after your nap.

If using an alarm put it out of reach so you have to get up and turn it off, do not press snooze.

 A good tip if you drink caffeine is to drink a coffee before taking you r nap. It takes 20-30 minutes for 200gms of caffeine to enter our systems so if you sip before you nap the caffeine will take effect as you wake up for that extra boost.

After the nap head to the bathroom, wash your face, clean your teeth, moisturize and reapply make up, whatever refocuses you to continue your day

Get active:  stretch, jump jog on the spot, get the blood moving and the energy flowing.

How to power nap 8: Practice

Remember napping takes a little practice, you need to be creative and find what works for you, we are all unique and our natural sleeping and energy levels are unique, experiment and play find what works best.

Napping may not be for you

 For some of us it just is not realistic to fit a nap into our daily schedule, for some it does not suit our natural sleep patterns, some can’t sleep anywhere other than their bed.

Don’t sweat it; as long as you are getting adequate quality sleep at night then there are other ways to get similar napping benefits. Consider 20-30 minutes listening to hypnosis downloads instead of napping, the relaxing trance state has been shown to bring brainwaves to a pattern very close to that of sleep, a level where our bodies and minds can receive similar restorative and refreshing benefits. 

If your work place and colleagues are anti-napping and ignorant to the positive and healthy napping consider becoming a napping advocate, educating them by highlighting the wealth of research that shows how good it can be for a workplace in terms of physical and mental well being of staff let alone the greater productivity and reduced stress.

Important! If you regularly feel very tired throughout the day, feel excessively exhausted and unable to stop yourself from dozing off; speak to your doctor to rule out any medical disorders that cause excessive tiredness.

How to power nap

How to power nap

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