Hypnosis for Stress

Hypnosis for stress; A smart idea!

We all feel stress in our lives. But Smart girls can manage it in style.

Stress differs from ‘pressure’ which is a friend who motivates, energises and can give us the good kick up the ass we sometimes need.

But Stress is a Bitch; she wears us out and frazzles our nerves.

Find out how hypnosis can help us Kick her out of our lives today.

Stress, she arrives uninvited with unforeseen and life-changing events, steals in with everyday worries, leaving us reeling and hypersensitive to her negative effects.

With the help of hypnosis we can start inviting her nicer twin sister to move in, the charming, calming, restorative, ‘relaxation response’ the two sister don't get on, when one is in our lives, the other is no where to be seen.

Relaxation can naturally  counteract the negative effects of the stressful ‘fight and flight’ response  and restore some calm and equilibrium in our lives.

We might think we are relaxing all the time.

After a long stressful day at work we might relax by collapsing in front of the T.V.

Or mindlessly search the internet zombie like till it’s time for bed.

We might relax after a bust up with boyfriends by going out getting pissed five nights in a row.

Perhaps we relax by treating ourselves to take-out food every evening for a week

Or relax at a work party by chain-smoking the evening away.

It’s tempting to view all these as relaxing and to be fair any behaviour we've devised to deal with the effects of stress will work... but only short term.

In the long run these ‘relaxing’ habits can act to isolate us and make us ill, drain our energy, cause us to feel out of control, feel like failures and keep us looking far from our most beautiful.

When we are honest with ourselves, we know none of these habits are managing stress long term or helping our body and mind relax in the way it needs and wants to.

One good habit that will?

Hypnosis for stress, helps us relax in style!

The comfortable, calm and alert feeling we get when in hypnotic trance is in itself a Smart place to be. If you have 10 minutes to spare Try Smart Hypnosis 101 a short and comfortable introduction for beginners.

Be sure to come back and finish reading about hypnosis for stress!

When our mind is safe and relaxed in hypnosis, our unconscious mind realises she doesn’t need to be on 'red alert' any more and sends out the 'all's clear' message to the body.

Our body, in turn, breathes a sigh of relief and stops making damaging stress hormones, this paves the way for some proper relaxation to take place.

When our body is relaxed...I mean really relaxed,  Stress and the ‘fight or flight’ response make way for a new internal process...

Introducing the fabulous;

‘Rest and Digest' response.

 hypnosis for stress relaxation

It might not sound glamorous or sexy but it really is a Smart place to be and this is where hypnosis for stress relaxation comes in.

The relax response is controlled by our unconscious; it works out of our awareness and is closely linked with our sense of safety calm and equilibrium.

When activated all sorts of beneficial biological processes take place.

Beneficial like;

A drop in heart rate and blood pressure, deeper and slower breathing, blood flow focussed on our vital organs, our all important immune system is boosted and our mind rather than concentrate on saving us from threat and worry can focus on fixing up the body...

All this is good....in fact it's hard to get across how good visiting this relaxation place can be for Smart girls caught by  stress, good for our body , mind and....well about everything else in our lives. We all can benefit.

In fact our G.P. would give us an A-star for creating these conditions in our body on a regular basis.

The kind of relaxation produced by hypnosis for stress, is not the same as being asleep, in fact the mind is active and alert while still calm and in control...

Best of all, this type of relaxation creates that all- over, fuzzy, contented sense of well-being and alrightness.

Surely we have all felt this way before? Perhaps similar to when you wake up after a really good fulfilling night’s sleep.

Or remember the last time you and a friend laughed so hard that even though your belly ached and you almost hyperventalated, you still felt great...

Or that wonderful moment on holiday when you suddenly realise you’ve let go of the strains of everyday life.

Sadly these feeling are often fleeting and the truth is, many of us too quickly forget what real relaxation feels like.

For many of us we accept and even expect to feel stressed, worn down and harangued most of the time...It's just life...and that feeling of warm, contented, well-being is just for the odd, special occasions like a holiday.

This is not Smart!

In fact we can choose to experience the ‘relax response’ everyday, no matter what is happening in our lives and Hypnosis for easy stress relief is one smart way to do this.

The nature of hypnosis creates the perfect internal environment for our unconscious to switch from high alert to relax mode on.

In the hypnotic state the smart girl can spend some much needed time in a relaxing place, in fact it’s a bit like having the effects of a luxurious spa holiday everyday...with all the refreshing, cleansing, rejuvenating, restorative benefits that go with it.

Not any of us can make those real life events that caused the stress to disappear from your life...

but imagine how much better we can deal with it If, rather than feeling oppressed, worn down, on edge, irritable and tired...

We face those life events feeling healthy, strong, refreshed, energised, feeling alert and calm, strong and capable.

These are some smart feelings you can expect to gain from using hypnosis for stress relief....

And when we are at our Smartest we can deal with anything.

Being Smart means we’re willing to acknowledge and face stress head on

Hypnosis is not the only essential kit in our Smart girls bag of tricks...there are a number of different techniques and skills we can develop, learn and most importantly use to help us start managing stress.

These are included in my top tips to reduce stress.

Invite Relaxation in and kick Stress out today.

If you are feeling deeply unhappy, desperate or out-of-control, Hypnosis 4 smart girls is not what you need at this time. Don't suffer in silence, speak to someone; trusted friend, colleague, family member or G.P. However bleak things seem, help is out there for you so please keep looking. Click here for suggestions of where to start.

Attention all Smart Girls (And Guys)

Don't Get Scared: Get Smart!

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