Power Nap

Power Nap

Let me show you the art of smart Napping

A power nap really is a smart idea. Getting some shut eye during the day may sound lazy but it’s actually the smart habit both cats and little kids share, which all of us girls could benefit from. 

As we all hopefully know, a good night’s sleep is one the most generous gifts we can give ourselves. What else improves our physical health,promotes emotional well-being, keeps our minds sharp and our bodies beautiful.

Hopefully we're all aware of these benefit; but a power nap is different, it has it's own special benefits and works, not by replacing a good night’s sleep but by providing us with an energy boost during the day.

A power nap is one smart trick to keep in your bag.  This daytime snooze is not the same as drifting off on the train, rather it is planned, controlled and executed with precision.

Too often underestimated or misjudged as being lazy, those who snooze don’t lose, in fact they win- big time!

Find out the best ways to power nap

 The Benefits of a Power Nap

  • Relieves stress
  • Increases alertness
  • Can improves memory and learning
  • Good for blood pressure, the heart and overall health
  • Protects from sleepiness
  • Increased cognitive functioning
  • Motivates us for exercise
  • Boosts creativity
  • Make up for bad night’s sleep,
  • Protects from sleepines

There are few things as pleasant, easy and cheap, as smart napping and even fewer that can deliver so much overall goodness.

We might wonder why more of us don't nap especially when we consider how many successful people do. Top performers, scholars, athletes, business workers, politicians and entrepreneurs  having been using this technique for years.

Us ladies are often busy, working hard, studying hard, having fun, whatever it is we do few of us would consider the luxury of taking 20-90 minutes during the day to spend purely on ourselves.

Think about it though, a power nap is not lazy, it's not a luxury, it’s smart and we deserve all the benefits it delivers.

There is a mounting pile of research demonstrating the benefits, in fact, it seems so beneficial we should all consider counting  a midday snooze as a regular part of our daily-life, giving it similar importance as healthy eating, regular exercise and a good skin care regime.

Reasons you might choose to snooze

For Sleep catch-up

Sleep is cumulative so if you miss sleep one night you will definitely feel it the next day. If you miss it a couple of days you can build up a sleep debt that needs to paid.So one too many boozy late nights this month?

Remember ‘Passing out’ fully dressed on your bed doesn't count as a good night sleep. A smart nap is a deposit paid into your sleep account.

Know you have lots of parties and late nights coming up, avoid sleepiness and enjoy dancing longer with a smart nap.

In times of stress, anxiety  and worry you might keep yourself awake all night tossing and turning. relieve the excess stress of sleep deprivation with a daytime nap. 

When working towards deadlines do you leave important work or revision to the last minute? In these moments sleep seems a low priority. keep yourself going with smart naps.

Lack of sleep adds up and the overdraft  needs to be paid or the effects can be ugly.

It has been shown a 20 minute nap is more restorative than a lie in after your alarm has gone off so instead of pressing the snooze button jump out of bed and catch later in the day.

For Improved health

Research has  shown regular power naps have  health  benefits, including  lowering blood pressure, reducing chances of heart disease and fights against diabetes, obesity and Cancer.

Napping reduces physical accidents through carelessness and clumsiness.

If you drive and regularly miss sleep, this is important. An energising nap can reduce the chances of accident by improving concentration and reaction time. Adding 20 minutes onto your journey by pulling over for a nap is the smartest option.  

For the Beauty benefits

We all know what a couple of late nights can do to our looks.... dark rings and puffy eyes, limp hair and sallow skin.

A short 20-40 minute nap will refresh and recharge, brighten us up, put a spring back in our step and devilish smile on our face.

A longer nap of 60-90 minutes means the body and mind can experience the benefits of a full sleep cycle with all the cell-repairing, heart functioning and hormone maintenance effects that go with it, the results; Brighter eyes, clearer skin, well working internal organs.

Napping can regenerate your Motivation for exercise, giving you that extra something to get down the gym.

Napping has been shown to improve the balance of our hunger hormones.

This means, not only can we make better choices about portion size; we also wont crave after junk, foods high in fat, processed cakes and biscuits and all those heavy carbohydrates.

For a positive outlook

We can do ourselves and everyone else a favour by having a nap, since it's been shown to improve our mood, reducing aggressive behaviour leaving us sweet and gentle and nice to know. We are more patience with others and better able to deal with stressful situations.

For Improved performance

Research also indicates naps increase our cognitive functions, our short term memory, and our alertness. It can boost our creativity and problem solving skills and our muscle memory. Wow.  

All good reasons to nap

There’s little else we can do that's as easy and enjoyable as napping, which cost us just 20 to 90 minutes of our time and which pays off with the same potential benefits.

But like any good habit it takes a little effort and perseverance to get good at it and there are a few potential road blocks in our way.

The main challenges to the Smart Napper

We think it’s lazy

At some point in our lives we were told this, but how can this be true when we see some of the worlds smartest, most successful and motivated people are avid napping fans.

It’s time we all become advocates of the smart power nap, it’s natural, beneficial and healthy. Those who decide that napping is lazy are missing out.

choose to view it differently and develop a habit that will serve you well throughout your long healthy life.

We are conditioned not to nap

The fact is that we all experience a dip in energy about 8 hours after we wake. Since we have learned to power through this natural drowsy period using coffee, cigarettes and other stimulants, it might take some time and effort for our bodies to adjust to the idea of power napping instead.

That’s why, in the smart girl’s bag of tricks  we find the Art of Smart Napping a download designed specifically for the power nap virgins among us. Choose a 15 or 30 minute nap and relax with words and soothing music, waking gently and naturally when the time is up.

Finding the right time and place

We know the power nap is good for us but still it's not always easy at first to incorporate it into your day. It's difficult too when your work place is not sympathetic.

Add to that, there are things you need to consider when preparing to nap otherwise it may become unproductive and benefits are reduced.

So why not check out How to Nap here at hypnosis 4 smart girls, it's full of tips and techniques to try.

To nap or not to nap?

Napping is not for everyone, if you suffer insomnia or sleeping disorders you may find daytime napping counter productive.

If your environment is not conducive, you may struggle to manage even 5 minutes nap and napping anyway may not suit your sleep cycle. 

But hey, why not play with the idea, experiment and read my tips and techniques.

Sweet Napping x


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