Smart Girls Bag of Tricks

A Smart girls bag of tricks - it what we all need, techniques, strategies and life skills to rely on when the need arises.

Tricks to help conquer Stress, fear, bad habits and self-sabotage  so we can get on with living a  smarter life.

Have you ever wondered why, when we spend so much time and effort coping with our hectic lives, we rarely achieve the results we want? 

But what if we had a bag, in it was filled with techniques, strategies, life skills, coping tactics—a whole bunch of new ways to deal with those old familiar problems.

It might not make our everyday problems disappear but who knows, if we can turn them round, handle them differently, what seemed insurmountable might become nothing but a small bump in the road.

So imagine this bag—let’s call it our smart girls bag of tricks, very much like the one we all carry around with us every day.

 In it we keep all our... Stuff.

Stuff like:

  • Our capabilities     
  • Our strengths
  • Our ingenuity
  • Our resilience
  • Our intelligence
  • Our logic 
  • Our instinct
  • Our Confidence

Occasionally situations arise when we need that extra something  from our bag to help us through, we are having a stressful day, have an important conference call, job interview, exam to work for. 

We dig deep, searching for whatever it is we need to get the job done but more often than not, we don’t find the right stuff and come up short.

In that moment we can fret and sulk; blame bad luck, someone else or the weather.  We can give up, criticize ourselves for being useless, and decide never to try again.

Smart girls bag of tricks

But what if I showed you a new Bag full of new tricks, that potentially holds what we need to live our lives smart and happy...

It’s sad but true too many of us keep our bags full with stuff that doesn’t work.

We load it up with baggage that weighs us down.

with bad habits self-sabotage, damaging ways of thinking, negative childish responses, all things that block us and get in our way,

But we keep reaching into our bags and pulling out the same old tricks that just don’t work.

Many of us know we don't always make the best choices, behave in the healthiest way, treat ourselves and others as well as we'd like but it seems like there's no other way. There's nothing else in our bags.

Does this sounds familiar to anyone?

If so-Let's not criticise ourselves....

Many of us didn’t even know we had a bag to start with, so no wonder it’s filled up with useless 'stuff' that doesn’t work.

No wonder we use the same old  tricks that comes easily to hand, the same old mascara even though it crusty and dry, the same hairbrush even though it gives us split ends; the same old purse with a hole in the bottom.

Introducing the child who packs your bag 

Imagine for a moment that our bags - the coping skills we use to deal with our lives, had been packed by a child.

Your five year old niece perhaps, does this sound like a smart idea?

Not really but this is essentially the case. What I mean is that we learn the majority of our coping strategies and life skills as little children and we pack these away in our bags.

But what works for a five year old rarely works in adult situations! 

later in life we notice patterns forming. Maybe we never seem to achieve what we want, we react badly to people or situations, we can't seem to shake some bad habit.

And then there are all the false friends that have taken up residence in our bag; so when we feel stressed we look in our bag and find cigarettes; feel shy - reach for alcohol; when we are exhausted we use caffeine and when we face sadness, reach for comfort food.

If we take a moment to consider these patterns and ask; Are they helping me get where I want to go?

And if we conclude they are holding us back, it's time to do something about it. 

Think about it; if some areas in our lives aren’t working so well right now, maybe it’s time to let the adult take charge. After all, would we really allow a five year old dictate and decide what skills we need to live our adult lives.

Smart girls bag of tricks

How to begin?

            What we need is to learn some new smart tricks...and it’s never too late to start.

            The smart girl's bag of tricks is a good place to start.

In it are a selection of  tips, techniques and strategies Tricks designed to help us fill our bags with the good smart 'stuff' ways to improve our lives, give us the freedom to choose, make good responses and deal with life’s challenges in a smart adult way.

Here we will find resources and lessons, suggestions and tips of ways to begin to deal better with what our lives throw at us.

It is particularly designed to work as part of a wider self help regime, all the tricks complement each other or can be used in isolation to deal with one little problem.

Not all of it will appeal; some of it will work better for some than for others, but when we choose to improve our well being, choose to live smarter coming from a place of cautious open-minded enthusiasm, and well the sky’s the limit. 

 Hopefully we can all find something here to work with because the alternative is having your life run by a metaphorical five year old ...wouldn’t we rather it was run by the smart, intelligent capable individuals we all are.

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