Why Confidence is important

Exactly Why Confidence is important...

Confidence - One of the good girls!

We know she's a fierce girlfriend to have in our gang but exactly why confidence is important, It's  worth thinking about in more detail.

Because the better we know and understand confidence; what she is, how she works, what she can do for us and, importantly, the danger of losing her, the better we can cultivate a lasting relationship.

Why confidence is important;

When she’s got our back we have little to fear. A good level of healthy self-confidence, a long with her attractive comrade-in-arms Self-esteem, are essential ingredients for every Smart girl.

With a well developed sense of confidence and self-esteem we can go far in life. Confidence means a good foundation for emotional and physical well being. 

It sets us up in pretty much every area of our lives. It makes you attractive and vibrant, smart and interesting, fun and down to earth,  a role model for others, as well as a great place for self-esteem to thrive.

what confidence is:

It’s knowing at a deep level that we can deal with what ever comes our way, it’s having faith in our personal competence and capability.

When we are confident we don't doubt ourselves every minute, we don't fret about what others think, in fact we make decisive decisions, we can stand up for ourselves and never apologise for being true to ourselves.

Confidence means having a realistic attitude towards what we can achieve and what we have to work at, and the idea of learning new skills and facing challenges doesn't phase us because we know we are up to the challenge.

It's a place of inner contentment where we respect ourselves deeply knowing we deserve that respect.

Having good confidence doesn't mean bad things will never happen but it does put us in the best place to deal with and overcome these things when it does.

what confidence is not:

It is not the same as Arrogance.

Truly confident people aren't overly judgemental and they certainly do not make themselves feel big or important at the expense of ridiculing others. And although confidence can come across as forceful and persuasive, its 's not about aggressive nor involves bullying tactics.

This is why confidence is important and arrogance and stuck-up attitudes are bad news.

Smart girls know the difference!

The meaning of low self-confidence

So cultivating a good level of self confidence is a good idea but when we have little or very low self- confidence we are harming our chances of living a smart life.

  • It can means we rarely see our good points, focusing mainly on our perceived failings
  • It means we don't take reasonable risks that can move us towards our goals
  • It means we are easily led by the opinions and beliefs of others
  • It means we can find ourselves in relationships with people who put is down, take advantage or neglect our needs 
  • It means we can be paralysed by fear of 'what if's'
  • It means we don't speak up, push ourselves forward, stick up for our rights.
  • It means we settle for less. 

And even more reasons Why confidence is important

Good confidence aids us in our personal and public lives;

Social; Meeting new people and keeping old friendships. Maintaining healthy boundaries, never getting stepped on, having assertive and kind communications with friends and family.

Love; Confidence is great in romantic situations, not only is it sexy as hell,  it enables us to have the guts to ask someone out, chat someone up, impress our crush, as well as maintain a good relationship once we've got together. For example confident people don't have unnecessary rows caused by jealous insecurities.

Motivation; The energy to make positive changes happen: what do you want form life? Go travelling, leave a relationship, start a business? Confidence means you can face challenges and hurdles head on, while keeping clear on our priorities.

Health and beauty; Confident people have a healthy and realistic attitude towards their body image. Improving our confidence can mean we naturally begin to Improve our health, fitness, and body because we take pride in ourselves and our appearance and believe we deserve the best for ourselves.

It's not just our personal life that benefits but our careers and study too!

A good dollop of confidence means we;

  • Deal with others effectively and assertively 
  • Speak up in meetings or tutorials
  • Improve public speaking and presentations
  • Performing  well in a job interviews
  • Motivated to work hard toward goals because we believe they are both achievable and we deserve it!

As if you needed more reasons why confidence is important.

Why Confidence is important;

The reason why confidence is such a good girl to have on your team is that she lays the strong foundation for well-being to build. She is connected with all the other good girls we want in our gang; Self-esteem and self-belief, motivation and drive, they all rely on confidence, when she gets stronger often so do the others.

But so many smart girls are lacking in the confidence area.

It's easy to see why when modern day life often hits us right in the confidence tender spots.

We are judged and judge ourselves unfairly against those around us, we self-criticise, we become so terrified of failure or rejection we rarely try to improve ourselves and then our confidence erodes more because we become stuck in a rut.

Many of us developed our base level of confidence from our parents and wider family, we learned from teachers, friends and peers, from society at large and what many of us learned too well was that we are;

Not quite good enough. Not quite pretty enough. Not clever enough. Not popular enough.

And for those of us who are lucky enough to have been taught or developed a good level of confidence, we can still find her a fair-weathered friend.

When things are good she's around in bucket loads but when things go wrong; with bad relationships, loss of job, bad exam marks, arguments with friends and families, tragic personal and world events and suddenly she has disappeared.

However we can all improve our relationship with confidence so that she sticks around, especially, when the going gets tough, because when she's got our back we can better deal with issues that arise.

Always remember why confidence is important ! It is something we can all increase and improve with practice, perseverance and armed with our smart bag of tricks.

One way to exercise it right now and get that good girl confidence in your gang, is by using daily affirmations.

Quality positive affirmations are good for what ails us, they are like a healthy smoothie for the mind and soul, jam packed full of good quality, healthy positive statements, beliefs and attitudes all aimed at increasing and maintaing confidence and self-esteem.  

Don't forget the natural enemies of Confidence and self-esteem;

Stress the bitch

Fear the bully

Anxiety the Drag.

Don't let these mean girls put an end to a match made in heaven.

Hypnosis for Self-esteem and a positive self-belief

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