Yoga for Anxiety

Yoga for Anxiety Relief

Yoga for Anxiety relief is a real smart Idea.

Anxiety is a drag, she follows us around whispering in our ear lies and half truths.

But Smart girls know how important anxiety relief is. Yoga is a excellent tool to keep in our special bag of tricks to fight back against Anxiety.

Many of life's experiences can be scary, nerves and apprehension are understandable and normal but when fear is way out of proportion to what we might rationally expect; When we feel lack of control over our bodies, our emotions and our physical reactions...

Well, it's most likely  Anxiety is making decisions for us, deciding what we can and cannot cope with and ultimately how we live our lives. It's really not her business, she needs to butt out but many of us continue to allow her to scare us in submission and that's just not Smart.

  • We avoid potentially brilliant  opportunities and experiences because Anxiety decides they're too scary.
  • We worry ourselves sick, to the detriment of our health, our sleep and our relationships.
  • We adopt un-smart coping techniques, including; excess alcohol and drug or anything that numbs anxiety short term but creates or maintains more long term.
  • We can feel helpless and hopeless in the face of anxious feelings with adverse effects to our confidence and self-esteem. 

Anxiety: Physical Symptoms

  • Racing heartbeat 
  •  Shortness of breath  
  •  Nausea
  •  Chest tightness
  •  Dry mouth
  •  Pins and needles
  •  Butterflies in stomach
  •  Sweating    
  •  Tremor

Anxiety: Emotional Symptoms

  • Inner tension  
  • Agitation
  • Fear of losing control
  • Irritability 
  • Feelings of detachment
  • Dread that something catastrophic is going to happen

Yoga stimulates the relaxation response which brings our system back into balance: deepening our breathing, reducing stress hormones, slowing down heart rate and blood pressure, and relaxing muscles.

Yoga is also a healthy way to disperse and let off nervous energy which so often accompanies anxiety.

Yoga is ideal way to incorporate smartness into our lives. In fact many of the popular techniques found to reduce stress and Anxiety derive from yoga:

  1. Controlled breathing
  2. Meditation
  3. Physical movement
  4. Mental imagery
  5. Stretching  

Health Benefits of Yoga

The practice of yoga involves stretching the body and forming different poses, while keeping breathing slow and controlled. The body becomes relaxed and energized at the same time. There are various styles of yoga, some moving through the poses more quickly, almost like an aerobic workout, and other styles relaxing deeply into each pose. Some have a more spiritual angle, while others are used purely as a form of exercise.

  • Reduced stress
  • sound sleep
  • reduced cortisol levels
  • improvement of many medical conditions
  • allergy and asthma symptom relief
  • lower blood pressure
  • smoking cessation help
  • lower heart rate
  • smoking cessation help
  • lower heart rate
  • sense of well-being
  • reduced anxiety and muscle tension
  • increased strength and flexibility
  • slowed aging process

In this video, you'll learn: Salutation (Surya Namaskar)Calm the nerve, Chest & hip openings

n this video I demonstrate a sun salutation to burn off some of that anxious energy and a few other poses after to settle the nerves, ground you and relax the system. It will definitely help!

Yoga expert Usha Chengappa demonstrates some easy asanas that will calm our nerves and lessen our anxiety.

If you are feeling Anxious on a regular basis yoga could be a big part of the answer. However, yoga is not a substitute for conventional medical treatment; please consult with your medical professional if you are experiencing any of the signs or symptoms of anxiety disorders.

If highly anxious and  fearful  feelings have arrived after a recent death, loss of health, relationship upheaval, and you truly feel unable to cope, hypnosis 4 smart girls is not what you need right now. Don't  suffer in silence help is out there, please speak to your doctor/health care provider for further advice or look here for someone to talk to,

If you are feeling deeply unhappy, desperate or out-of-control, Hypnosis 4 smart girls is not what you need at this time. Don't suffer in silence, speak to someone; trusted friend, colleague, family member or G.P. However bleak things seem, help is out there for you so please keep looking. Click here for suggestions of where to start.

Attention all Smart Girls (And Guys)

Don't Get Scared: Get Smart!

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