Yoga for Sleep

Yoga for Sleep

Yoga for sleep - on smart way to get some zzzzzzzzzz

Sleep is one of our most valuable friends, one that we don’t always treat very well. No wonder she’s been causing us restless nights.

Like all good friendships, we need to spend more quality time together. And the time we make for our good friend, is time smartly spent, Just look at all the benefits she can offer!

She can make us;

  • Smarter,Sharper, Brighter, Slimmer, Healthier, even more Beautiful

She can Improve our;

  • Skin, Hair, Self-discipline, Mood, Memory, Energy,Motivation, productivity, Creativity 

She can help us;

  • Live longer, Age slower, Improve grades and scores, Exercise stronger, Reduce stress, Increase confidence, Perform better at work, Improve our sex life

Well worth the effort to improve our relationship with sleep. But when that relationship breaks down and sleep is hard to come, it can be a nightmare. Insomnia and over sleep disturbances are annoying in the short term and a real problem when they become chronic.  

Yoga for sleep is one healthy, gentle and natural intervention towards fighting insomnia and getting greater an better rest.

The pleasures and benefits of yoga are widely understood: yoga can improve physical strength and flexibility, improve breathing, reduce stress and enhance mental focus. What may be less well known are the positive effects that yoga can have on sleep.

Yoga and other regular forms of exercise can help to form the basis of a long-term, sustainable lifestyle that helps you sleep more, and better. 

Health Benefits of Yoga

The practice of yoga involves stretching the body and forming different poses, while keeping breathing slow and controlled. The body becomes relaxed and energized at the same time. There are various styles of yoga, some moving through the poses more quickly, almost like an aerobic workout, and other styles relaxing deeply into each pose. Some have a more spiritual angle, while others are used purely as a form of exercise.

  • Reduced stress
  • sound sleep
  • reduced cortisol levels
  • improvement of many medical conditions
  • allergy and asthma symptom relief
  • lower blood pressure
  • smoking cessation help
  • lower heart rate
  • smoking cessation help
  • lower heart rate
  • sense of well-being
  • reduced anxiety and muscle tension
  • increased strength and flexibility
  • slowed aging process

But don't just take my word for it - try it yourself, join a Yoga class in your area or plan a beginners yoga retreat.  A Trained Yoga teacher will understand all about yoga for sleep and can advise you on the best positions to help.

Yoga pays us back tenfold for the energy and commitment that we put in.

Too expensive? Too self conscious? Not enough time? That's no excuse, put on your yoga gear and try out one of these free You tube classes, use them as often as you need and start reaping the benefits now.

A relaxing routine for the mind and body! This yoga sequence is designed to prepare you for a good night's sleep creating space in the body as we cue the mind that its time to calm down and get ready for rest. This also is a great practice to do anytime of day if you are looking for Yoga to relieve stress. Yoga With Adriene's relaxing evening sequence will prepare you for a good nights sleep. Get comfortable my friends! Calm your mind and soothe your sweet soul so you can get the beauty sleep and rest you desire & deserve!!!

Here are a few bedtime Yoga poses you can do, while in your bed to relax the body and mind and to have a restful sleep. This practice will be very beneficial after a stressful day or as a relaxation after a Yoga workout. For people who suffer from insomnia I would recommend to try out this practice. 

Get a better night's rest and wake up more refreshed by doing this calming deep sleep routine that I have for you today.

Once your ready for sleep, why not enjoy a smart night sleep. Check out these audios all aimed to help relax and be ready for a good night zzzzzzzz

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