Affirmation Exercise

Affirmation Exercise

Affirmation exercise; The perfect combination.

Smart girls know exercise is important for our,healthy vibrant life we all deserve. But for too many of us 'Exercise' is a dirty word; it might bring up humiliating school memories of being picked last for the team, it might bring feelings of guilty boredom or struggle, maybe points a spotlight at the bad habits we like to forget about, maybe our bodies are so used to lethargy and laziness they resist change or maybe we find it hard to make time in our busy life.

Whatever it means to each of us it is clear we need to cultivate a better relationship with exercise because it needs to be a smart priority in our lives. Affirmation Exercise can help by changing our negative feelings around exercise into positive expectations and energetic motivation.  

What are Affirmations and why should I care?

Affirmations are like a super healthy, organically prepared smoothie for our mind. By actively taking time to fill our heads with good quality, positive thoughts and motivating expanding beliefs we set ourselves up for a life of possibilities and potential awesomeness. 

The alternative is remaining  slaves to negative thoughts that stop us and hold us back  before we even get started.

Positive Affirmations, when repeated over time, reprogram our unconscious mind.

Our unconscious mind is a good girl who is on our side, but can often we are at cross purposes, it's like we speak different languages and can't communicate or work together. By creating, speaking and listening to affirmations and smart new beliefs - our powerful unconscious mind stops ignoring because now we’re communicating in a language we both understand. Our unconscious mind will start working with us, stop sabotaging us and instead help move us towards our desires by offering us solutions and confident positive action.

Affirmation Exercise are a perfect combination to instil us with motivation and positive feelings around getting fit and healthy. 

Affirmation Exercise

When I exercise, I am full of energy, All excuses and reasons not to exercise have vanished forever.

I now reject all excuses for not working out. I've dissolved all fears around exercising.

I'm now free of any boredom I used to feel during exercise.

I've replace awkwardness I once felt with quick and graceful agility.

I always exercise in the most appropriate ways for me because I have a strong desire to continually improve my physical body.

I know I can reach any fitness goal that I choose  because I always set challenging yet achievable fitness goals.

 I'm very willing to work for and wait patiently for my ultimate physical rewards.

Daily exercise allows me to have the healthy, happy lifestyle I want because I like myself more now than ever before in my life.

 My body now easily and quickly adjusts to its perfect weight for me with no problems.

 I trust in myself and my ability to reach my fitness and exercise goals, exercise is adding healthy, happy years to my life.

I decline chances to sit still when I could be physically active 

I am able to sustain my enthusiasm for keeping fit and trim, because  I've made a firm commitment to staying in shape for the rest of my life

 I understand my body's rhythms and use them to my benefit.

 I make time to exercise whenever I can and wherever I am and I have everything I need to exercise and attain vigorous good health.

 I take complete responsibility for my own physical health, I see clearly the body I want and it's mine.

 I am at peace with physical activity.

More affirmation exercise

I enjoy breaking up periods of inactivity with a brisk walk, this refreshes and energises me

I replace any physical idleness with drive and enthusiasm for working out.

I've now dissolved all feelings of being physically inadequate, I deserve to be fit and healthy and I am.

I'm free of all physical and mental limitations, I let go of negative associations with working out 

I've swapped procrastination with deep determination to stay in top physical shape.

I reject any sluggishness and choose physical vitality instead. 

I'm easily let go of any old negative habits and exercise with enthusiasm.

All negative experiences surrounding exercise are forgotten because I enjoy getting regular compliments on my body.

I look good in everything I wear now, I deserve to have excellent health and a great body.

I have many powerful reasons to exercise and I easily focus on them. 

My motivation to exercise is growing stronger every day.

I ficus on my physical goals and I'm reaching them on time 

I let go of any old feelings of lethargy, idleness or laziness and I forgive myself for not making exercise a priority in my life.

I eat only nourishing and healthy foods. Junk foods hold no appeal to me now.

I replace what others want for me with my own desire to be fit and healthy.

I feel exhilarated and alive as I workout.

 All unconscious resistance to exercising regularly is gone, any physical or emotional weakness is a thing of the past.

I now swap impatience with persistent action toward results.

I happily exercise in the ways that are just right for me and I can always  forgive myself for missing a workout.

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