Affirmations for Sleep 

Affirmations for Sleep

Affirmations for sleep: Sleep isn't always easy, for many of us when we turn off the light the sandman is the last person to visit. There are many reasons for this; We find when we prepare to sleep our mind is suddenly more active than it's been all day! Thoughts, memories, worries bombard us from nowhere.

For some, life events and difficulties can consume us with worry and anxiety. Relationships, health, issues with work and money, all creep into our night-time relaxation and keeps sleep away. For some our busy lives just take over, we work hard and want to make the most of our evening, resulting in us staying up, eating too late, drinking to socialise or unwind, some even answering work emails late into the night.

Whatever the reason, affirmations for sleep can help by reintroducing the body and mind to the natural cycles and ease  of sleep.  

Affirmations are like a daily dose of what’s good for you. A fresh, organic, nutritious shake for our mind made up of positive specific thoughts and focussed attention on what we want and desire. We all know that good quality food is a must for our bodies if we want them to function at their best, but I bet even those who take great care with our diets regularly fill our minds with unhealthy negative thoughts and negative self-talk -  the food equivalent of disgusting fat drenched junk food.

Negative thoughts can poison our emotions and behaviour,  meaning niether work as best they should.Negative thoughts limit our potential, keeping us stuck somewhere we'd rather not be and negative self-talk tells us lies about ourselves. Affirmations are like a daily dose of what’s good for you. A fresh, organic, nutritious shake for our mind made up of positive specific thoughts and focussed attention on what we want and desire. 

(Insomnia and other Sleep disorders are a nightmare. If you have been suffering troubled nights for a months or longer, please see your doctor or a sleep specialist, don't toss and turn in silence, you can have relief and enjoy restful Zzzzzzz)

Affirmations are easy to create for your personal situation, learn how to write them here and make sure they work for you.  Too busy? Listen to the affirmations for sleep below or watch the video, both designed to develop the right habits and attitudes towards sleep. Read through the list of  affirmations for sleep below and find the ones that resonate for you.

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Affirmations for sleep

As I lay down to sleep, a beautiful sense of deep relaxation fills my body.

As I prepare to fall asleep, I know that my body is beginning a truly miraculous transformation.

As I prepare to fall asleep, I relax in knowing that my mind is at peace,

As I prepare to fall asleep, I willingly release all the stresses of the day.

Every night I relax through meditation and fall deeply and soundly asleep.

Falling asleep is easy for me. I always awaken rested and energized.

I always fall asleep quickly.

I always get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed every morning.

I always get the sleep I need. I am an early riser.

I always sleep soundly. I always sleep soundly, no matter where I am, I always sleep well.

I always think happy thoughts as I am falling asleep. I am able to fall asleep in minutes. 

I am a deep sleeper. I awake each morning relaxed and refreshed. 

I am letting the day’s excitement quietly drift away now. I awake each morning relaxed and refreshed.

I awake each morning relaxed and refreshed.

I can easily sleep anywhere I am.

I drift off to peaceful sleep with great ease. I drift off to sleep very quickly.

I give my body all the rest it needs. I fall asleep very fast. I sleep deeply

I take time to relax before going to bed , I am refreshed and energized every day

I keep a regular sleeping routine

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