Affirmations Subconscious Mind

Affirmations Subconscious Mind

Affirmations Subconscious mind: A match made in heaven.

Have you ever met your subconscious mind? Well let me introduce you. She is very powerful and if we're smart she can be our new best friend- a big helping hand with everything we need for a happier, more successful and smarter life.

We just need to take the time to get to know her and learn to speak her language.  Using Positive affirmations is one  way to speak in a language our unconscious recognises!

Unfortunately, our unconscius mind is a bit like a strict overbearing mother convinced she knows what's best for us while ignoring or not even hearing what we want.

To be fair, we often ignore her too or talk at crossed purposes if we do communicate.

This is when our unconscious mind’s best intentions end up back-firing, sabotaging and leading us down a path we'd not intended for ourselves. 

And this is where affirmations subconscious mind come can start to work together. See, our subconscious mind is always busy, she has a lot to do. 

One job she takes very seriously is to pay close attention to our thoughts, especially the ones we have regularly, because this is how she knows what we believe to be true about ourselves, other people and the world. 

Her important job is to ensure that what we believe true becomes our reality. So if we believe, for example, that we are stupid;  our unconscious mind will want to prove this to be true and will do her best to make us feel stupid on a regular basis.

To make it even harder, between us and our subconscious is Our inner critic. 

Think of it like this, If our subconscious is an hard working, well intentioned CEO of the company, our inner critic is like her as PA. She works hard too but is a bit of a bitch! Because, as her name suggests she's really...well critical. And us? Well we are like the valued customers that the subconscious' company is serving. But somethings going wrong because we as customers rarely get what we want. Instead we often get anxiety, stress, fear, insecurities and ill health.

So what's going wrong?

The inner-critic/PA gathers research and information without rarely granting us a meeting with the big boss, and based on this our subconscious makes decisions. And what the information the  PA is using is often based on all our negative thoughts and rubbish self talk!

So our Subconscious give us what it thinks we need, for example;

Say deep down we think and feel stupid and say to ourselves regularly 'I'm so stupid!' Then Our inner critic and Subconscious mind will go back through our life, highlighting all those times we acted stupid and just ignore all the many times we were cool, competent, self- assured smart, any experiences that contradict the belief  claiming I am stupid.

Our subconscious isn't doing this to be actively mean, she genuinely is on our side and because we don't speak the same language, she can't understand all this negative self talk is a bad thing. This is where affirmations subconscious mind can work together.

Affirmations are a language she and the inner critic understands, so why not use good positive affirmations and start teaching our subconscious what we really want and need. 

Affirmations Subconscious Mind

And Affirmations are easy, we can all think of ways we would like behave, thoughts we would like to be true about ourselves, qualities we would love to possess, good ways to think and feel that would benefit us and help us succeed; basically anything we can imagine and desire for ourselves and our life. Well these all form the basis of a statement or phrase that we repeat to ourselves daily with conviction. 

Affirmations can be very powerful; used regularly they can change our whole outlook on life. It's unlikely to happen over-night, we've all got so used to our negative thoughts, they are easy lazy thoughts.

But if you persevere and keep an open mind, positive affirmations can be a big step towards living a smarter life. 

We are all uniques and our negative self talk is unique so writing your own affirmations is a smart idea find out how and watch out for the common pitfalls.

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