Anxiety is a Drag

Anxiety is one controlling  Drag in our lives.

She’s the type to follow us about whispering in our ears lies and half-truths.

A close relative of stress, she is however a different class of toxic friend.

She can worm herself in until we accept her uncomfortable presence as a part of life.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

She has many personas and masks which means we each react to her manipulation in different of ways. 

But commonly she brings with her a variety of worrying thoughts and unpleasant sensations which can make it hard to do even simple tasks and near impossible to cope with big challenges.

She can turn up at all the important times in our lives; job interview, exam, first date, presentations, impairing our ability to cope in the smartest way.

Or she can arrive uninvited when she’s least expected.

It can be bewildering when we can't see a reason for her appearance but we definitely know she is there, a constant feeling of dread and unease sucking the joy out of life.

And of course she comes at the hardest, most darkest times of our lives.

With the death of a loved one, with health problems, with the end of a meaningful relationship, at times of money problems and lack of job security.

She's often given names like; uneasiness, terror, worry, stress, panic, nervousness, apprehension and tension...

(Maybe you know her by another name.)

And she controls how we feel and behave;

She can make us;

Fearful and self-conscious, irritable and forgetful, confused and wound-up.

She can cause, dry mouth, pins and needles, sweats, light headedness, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, weak knees, names just a few.

In truth I am being unfair to her, she’s not all bad.

In fact she is a natural normal and essential part of our physiology and survival instinct. She alerts us to potential dangers and motivates us to protect ourselves. When we feel a threat our automatic fight and flight kicks in, which effects our bodies and our behaviour to best  keep us safe.

So at best she can act as a warning signal, like a safety alarm; she let us know all may not  be well.

But even though she can be helpful quite often, anxiety can get too big for her boots.

She thinks she knows best when in reality she doesn't, in fact she misunderstands and misinterprets danger and threat in the world around us and she often over-reacts.

And when she over-reacts so do we...

In distressing, physically harmful and self-sabotaging  ways.

Many of life's experiences can be scary, nerves and apprehension are understandable and normal,

But when fear is way out of proportion to what we might rationally expect; When we feel lack of control over our bodies, our emotions and our physical reactions.

Well, it's most likely  Anxiety is making decisions for us, deciding what we can and cannot cope with and ultimately how we live our lives.

It's really not her business, she needs to butt out but many of us continue to allow her to scare us in submission. 

and that's just not Smart.

  • We avoid potentially brilliant  opportunities and experiences because Anxiety decides they're too scary
  • We worry ourselves sick, to the detriment of our health, our sleep and our relationships
  • We adopt un-smart coping techniques, including; excess alcohol and drug or anything that numbs anxiety short term but creates or maintains more long term
  • We can feel helpless and hopeless in the face of anxious feelings with adverse effects to our confidence and self-esteem. 

Anxious feelings can be much more than unpleasant inconveniences. Many of us will at some time develop a full-blown anxiety disorder.

Arm yourself by finding out more about Anxiety Disorder

This is where she really turns ugly and impacts very negatively on an individuals life.

Anxious feeling are natural and  normal human emotion, we will never and should never, lose her influence completely; However there are ways to cope better, to work around her, to reduce her influence, To see her for what she is; A manipulative controlling Drag!

Take a questionnaire now to let you know where you stand with Anxiety

We can all take back control by developing coping techniques!

Keep reading through related articles and find the right way for you.

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