Beginner Yoga Routine

Beginner Yoga Routine

Beginner Yoga Routine: A smart idea.

Smart girls know Yoga is good for a smart life. It has so many benefits so don't worry if you're only just getting on board with the idea because yoga is perfect for beginners. If at first you don't feel very flexible or very strong remember; we all improve with practice; and the practice can be so enjoyable.

Yoga by design is very welcoming of beginners because each of us works independently, within our own capabilities, pushing our limits and improving ourselves within our personal yoga practice. There is more than often a very noncompetitive spirit to yoga... it's hard to look over your shoulder to check out the competition when engaged in a three-legged downward facing dog!

Yoga is so much more than just stretching, it is really about creating balance in the body through developing both strength and flexibility. This is done through the performance of poses or postures, each of which has specific physical benefits.

Health Benefits of Yoga

The practice of yoga involves stretching the body and forming different poses, while keeping breathing slow and controlled. The body becomes relaxed and energized at the same time. There are various styles of yoga, some moving through the poses more quickly, almost like an aerobic workout, and other styles relaxing deeply into each pose. Some have a more spiritual angle, while others are used purely as a form of exercise.

  • Reduced stress
  • sound sleep
  • reduced cortisol levels
  • improvement of many medical conditions
  • allergy and asthma symptom relief
  • lower blood pressure
  • smoking cessation help
  • lower heart rate
  • smoking cessation help
  • lower heart rate
  • sense of well-being
  • reduced anxiety and muscle tension
  • increased strength and flexibility
  • slowed aging process

Beginner Yoga Routine

As well as poses, yoga classes may include instruction on breathing, meditation or call and response chanting. This will depend on your individual teacher and the yoga style in which they are trained. Bare this in mind while choosing a class to join. Whatever rings your bell there will  be class and teacher out there for you. 

If getting fit is your thing, a yoga class at a gym may suit your needs as it will typically be more focused on the purely physical benefits of yoga. If the whole spiritual side appeals then a class at a yoga center may be more this way inclined. Be open minded, it's fine to just enjoy yoga as a low impact workout that makes you look and  feel great, but who knows? often people start from the purely physical  practice and over time go deeper into a spiritual exploration. Bare this in mind while choosing a class to join. Whatever rings your bell there will  be class and teacher out there for you. 

Remember; Yoga will pay us back tenfold for the time, energy and commitment that we put in.

Too expensive? Too self conscious? Not enough time? That's no excuse, try out these gentle yoga routines for beginners. Free  you tube lessons you can return to again and again and start reaping the benefits right now.

Yoga for Complete Beginners! Adriene welcomes all levels - complete and total beginners to start here! Hop on the mat and start to build the foundation of your own yoga practice with this 20 minute home workout video! Enjoy, stay mindful and find what feels good. 

This sequence is beginner friendly and with a focus on FOUNDATION and FLEXIBILITY. Hop on the mat and start to build the foundation of your own yoga practice with this 40 minute Yoga For Beginners video! 

Today I'm going to show you basic moves to get you started opening up your body and improving your range of motion.

Yoga for beginners Part 1. Here is a Yoga sequence for every body to start your Yoga practice at home. Make sure you practice Yoga for beginners part 2 and part 3 as well. By then you're ready to try out some of the other yoga videos!

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