Best Positive Affirmations 

Best Positive Affirmations

Best positive Affirmations are one smart tool.

We all know you get out what you put in

Our health for example;

We know its better to eat healthy and exercise, when we fill our bodies with junk food and sit on our bum all day we can get slow, unwell and overweight.  

Our emotional well being is the same, when we fill our heads with junk thoughts and negative self-talk and lazy limiting beliefs, we are not being smart, in fact we are doing ourselves harm. 

Junk thoughts, negative self-talk and lazy limiting beliefs can be anything we say to ourselves which falls under the categories below.

  • Critical
  • Negative
  • Helpless
  • Hopeless
  • Biased
  • Disempowering
  • Irrational
  • Self sabotaging
  • Unkind
  • Disruptive
  • Distressing
  • Limiting,
  • Hurtful
  • Depressing

Basically anything that does not make us feel good, motivated and smart!

But quite often these unhelpful thought patterns are automatic, almost beyond our control; We all recognise the little voice that pipes up in our head saying,

  •  I can’t do that...
  •  I’m not pretty enough... 
  •  I’m too stupid...  

Think of Best Positive Affirmations as a smoothie for our mind. 

Best positive Affirmations are like a super healthy, organically prepared smoothie for our mind. 

By actively taking time to fill our heads with good quality, positive thoughts and motivating expanding beliefs we set ourselves up for a life of possibilities and potential awesomeness. 

The alternative is remaining  slaves to negative thoughts that stop us and hold us back  before we even get started.

The best thing is affirmations are easy to create for yourself, find out how to make your own. But check out a few points first to be sure your affirmations really work for you by avoiding these pitfalls.

I know we are all busy so if you don't have time to create your own, why not listen to the Free Affirmation Downloads I have recorded for you.

Smart Affirmations to start the Day, as the title suggests they are best enjoyed in the morning, a perfect accompaniment to your tea or coffee. But if its all too cheerful for you first thing in the morning then listen any time.  

Or just find the relevant subject and read through the best positive affirmations below. They are all good 'Smoothie' quality and cover many potential areas of life. 

Best positive Affirmations

Affirmations to help me use Affirmations

I repeat my affirmations daily and I deliver them with energy and passion, my affirmations work for me whether I believe them or not.

The more I repeat my affirmations the more I accept their truth.

I am open minded to the power of my unconscious and my potential to use its power for my benefits.

Best positive Affirmations to combat anxiety

Today if worries appear, I notice, let them go and replace them with feelings of calm confidence and safety.

Today I am safe and secure in all situations, I am naturally calm in all situations.

I have control over my body and mind, if I feel at any time vulnerable to negative emotions, I can breathe deeply, relax and regain control.

 Any anxious feelings are temporary.

For Confidence

Today I am confident and assertive I know what I want and the best way to achieve it.

Everyday my confidence increases I am more popular and outgoing and courageous.

I recognise opportunities when I see them and it’s natural for me to act immediately.

For Creativity

My imagination is naturally active and I can harness my great creativity at all times.

I am open to new thoughts and ideas, other peoples creativity inspires and resonates with me and increases and improves my own.

Inspirational thoughts and ideas come easily to me, I take action unleash my creativity for the good of myself and the world.

Today I am confident in my creative ability, I enjoy using my mind and body to create and experiment.

Best Positive Affirmations For Fear

Today I am courageous in action and deed.

Past negative experiences cannot hold me back, I release them and feel strong free and courageous.

I can breathe deeply and become calm and resolved.

I take time daily to ask myself if a fear is reasonable rational or helpful, if it is not I let it go easily and comfortably.

I always feel safe and secure in the face of uncertainty.

Money Issues

I manage my debt today, I am strong in willpower and I always spend money wisely because I am focussed on a debt free life

I am good at saving money and I am in total control of my finances.

I am changing my old beliefs about money I have only positive beliefs about money.

I always find ways of making money and I enjoy both giving and receiving.

There is more than enough money to go around, I deserve my share of abundance and it comes to me easily and comfortably.

Money is freedom and I deserve to be free.

Best Positive Affirmations For Motivation

I can do anything I believe I can do, I have talent skills and ability, and I set goals and achieve them.

I have limitless energy, noting can hold me back or get in my way.

I am always improving, I learn more each day.

I know that taking positive action daily takes me where I need to go.

I feel total satisfaction when I achieve one of my goals


Motivation for exercise

Today I remember how I love to exercise, to move, to stretch and work my body.

I know the benefits of exercising always outweigh any perceived drawback.

I forgive myself anytime I avoid or forget to exercise, I know I will.

I feel great when I exercise regularly and take care of myself.

The time I take to improve my health and my body is time well spent.

For positive self talk

I always notice any negative self-talk, I am good at dismissing it and focussing on my positives.

Today I will not abuse myself, put myself down or criticise, I speak to myself as I would my closest friend, I encourage and compliment.

I am confident in myself and my ability to leave negativity alone and embrace the positive in every situation.

Everyday my self-image and confidence increase, as it does my positive self talk improves.

To combat Paranoia

Today I am free of all paranoid thoughts, I find it easy to trust, myself and others.

Old paranoid thoughts I used to have are irrelevant now I am confident and trusting.

Being around others makes me feel safe and comfortable.

I overcome fears and have control of my emotions because I am secure in myself I am secure with others.

Best positive Affirmations to combat procrastination

I am now decisive in all situations.

I confidently make the best choice for myself in the quickest appropriate time.

I can let go of the things I cannot predict or control and always make a good decision based on what I know.

 Public speaking

I naturally speak well in public, always clear calm and confident.

I feel positive and excited before I speak, I am calm and energised throughout and I am pleased at the end proud I have done a good job.

I know others enjoy listening to me and admire my ability to get up and deliver a speech in public.

I always speak with the appropriate volume, speed and pitch for my audience, I breathe comfortably and stay cool and calm throughout.   

Affirmations for productivity

I concentrate easily and confidently, I overcome distractions and enjoy finishing tasks.

I am an intelligent, I am smart, I have a great memory and I naturally solve problems.

I learn new things quickly and retain information well.

My mind is clear and sharp, my thoughts are organised, and I perform well in all aspects of life.

Best Positive Affirmations For Relationships

I am happy and confident within myself and so I am happy and confident in my relationships.

I find it easy being honest in relationships and I trust my partner to be honest with me

I deserve a happy relationship with someone I love and respect and who loves and respects me.

I will never allow past experiences to affect my current happy relationship.

I recognise when my relationship comes to an end I can let it go and move on secure in the knowledge I deserve to be loved no matter what.

For Relaxation

I know how to relax in every situation.

I notice the early signs of stress and take action to relieve myself body and mind.

I take time everyday to relax deeply; this clears my mind and energises my body.

For Self-Belief

I believe I deserve to achieve the best for me.

I always succeed so it is easy to pursue my goals with confidence.

I am very capable at achieving all my goals and desires.

I have the inner strength to handle whatever life brings, I am ready for anything.

Best positive Affirmations for Self-esteem

I know intuitively I am a good person.

I have high self esteem and it is growing daily.

I like and respect myself and others like and respect me.

Speaking my mind with confidence is easy because I know all my ideas, thoughts and opinions are valid and important.

 I deserve to feel good about myself because I am a good person.


To combat Self-sabotage

My mind and body is totally aligned with my goals and desires.

My unconscious is my best friend we work together for my conscious benefit.

I am always kind to myself. I treat myself as my closest friend with love care and forgiveness

I always recognise negative thoughts and limiting beliefs for what they are and I move past them to success.

Best Positive Affirmations For shyness

Today I am outgoing, easygoing and relaxed in all situations.

I am naturally comfortable and confident meeting new people. 

When meeting new people I recognise any physical sensations as excitement and anticipation.

In social situations I am positive and friendly, I voice my opinions with ease and confidence.

Being outgoing and confident are good qualities in expressing these qualities I am being true to myself. 

Affirmations for stress relief

I am calm and confident. I breathe deeply and release all tension from my body.

I am strong and resilient. I deal whatever the day brings with a calm focus.

I choose how to respond to all situations and I respond with calm and clarity, unhelpful thoughts and behaviours just float away.

I have a shield to protect me from unwanted pressure; it just bounces off and away.

Best positive Affirmations For success

I fear neither success nor failure; all experiences are lessons moving me toward my goal desire and ultimate success.

I am naturally successful, I deserve success and success comes easily to me.

I always know what to do to achieve success in all areas of my life. 

Affirmations for weight loss

I am losing weight naturally and easily, I enjoy eating healthy nourishing foods that feed my body and mind.

I am strong in willpower I am motivated today and dedicated to losing weight.

I am not a slave to old perceptions about food, I am happy to be healthy and my actions and appetite support this.

I know I am naturally slim toned and healthy.

I never allow others people’s opinions and actions dictate my life, my happiness and my weight.

I eat healthy and set good examples for all around me.

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