Confidence Subliminal Messages

Confidence Subliminal Messages

Confidence, when she’s got our back we have little to fear. A good level of healthy self-confidence, a long with her attractive comrade-in-arms Self-esteem, are essential ingredients for every Smart girl.

With a well developed sense of confidence and self-esteem we can go far in life. Confidence means a good foundation for emotional and physical well being. It sets us up in pretty much every area of our lives. It makes us attractive and vibrant, smart and interesting, fun and down to earth,  a role model for others, as well as creating a great place for self-esteem to thrive.

Confidence Subliminal Messages

Confidence Subliminal Messages;

So now we know confidence is a fierce girlfriend to have in our gang but exactly why confidence is important, It's  worth thinking about in more detail because the better we know and understand confidence; what she is, how she works, what she can do for us and, importantly, the danger of losing her, the better we can cultivate a lasting relationship.

But for many of us confidence is a fair-weathered friend, here today and gone when you really need her -so it's worth making an effort to build a strong foundation that will serve you. Believe me, confidence will pay you back many times over for the time and attention you put into her.

Hypnosis for smart girls would like to introduce you to one way start to do this, confidence subliminal messages and positive affirmations.

Positive Affirmations

Smart girls know intuitively positive thinking gets positive results and a good healthy mindset is the foundation of all Smart girls success.But we aren't all born with this ability to easily focus on the positives, think kindly toof ourselves and be appreciative for all that we have, for many of us a life-time of living with two foxy saboteurs Negative Thinking  and Negative Self-Talk means we have begun to believe their lies and live our life according to their limiting rules.

Using positive affirmations is one trick to combat this foxy saboteur and set ourselves on the track to true smartness.

So what are Positive affirmations? 

A simple affirmation definition is; A declaration that something is true.

A more helpful affirmation definition is to consider them as helpful positive words and phrases said out loud, written down or listened to on a regular basis which can change the way we think about ourselves, other people and our world in beneficial  ways. 

One way to think about positive affirmations is like a daily dose of what’s good for you. A fresh, organic, nutritious shake for our mind made up of positive specific thoughts and focussed attention on what we want and desire.

We all know that good quality food is a must for our bodies if we want them to function at their best, but I bet even those who take great care with our diets regularly fill our minds with unhealthy negative thoughts and negative self-talk -  the food equivalent of disgusting fat drenched junk food.

Subliminal Affirmations; While wildly oversimplifying, Subliminal Positive Affirmations or messages are healthy positive  statements which are hidden from our conscious awareness by some means, in this case by masking them with music. So if affirmations are a healthy shake, well then subliminal positive affirmations are like; taking your medicine with a spoonful of sugar, the pill is hidden from us and so we don't resist it's positive effects.

But if we can't hear the subliminal positive affirmation how can it be doing anything?

Our unconscious mind is far more aware than we give her credit, she picks up the messages we can barely hear and when repeated regularly she will begin to act on them. By using good quality ingredients  we can replace our negative self talk with much more palatable options. Although the idea that we can be influenced by messages we are barely aware of may sound far fetched, often the results speak for themselves. 

I have barely touched on the nature of subliminal messages here, if you need to know more before you can be feel comfortable with using them, you are perfectly right to feel that way, please read more and come back when you're ready.

If you are feeling open-minded and willing then why not start using confidence subliminal messages and affirmations right now.

Subliminal Affirmations for Confidence and Self-Esteem

Check the messages is good and healthy by listening to the non-subliminal regular version

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