Daily Affirmations for Women

Daily Affirmations for Women

Daily Affirmations for Women. A Smart Idea

Negative self-talk  and limiting beliefs are foxy saboteurs  holding  us back  and telling us lies, but  positive affirmations are helpful tools to arm ourselves against these unhelpful thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

Smart girls know we get out what we put in and that good quality thoughts can help create a good quality life. But not all of us are equipped to create a constant stream of positive thoughts about ourselves and our lives. In fact most of us women often think the equivilant of; junk thoughts, negative self-talk and lazy limiting beliefs.

Negative thoughts can poison our emotions and behaviour,  meaning niether work as best they should.Negative thoughts limit our potential, keeping us stuck and negative self-talk tells us lies about ourselves.

Daily Affirmations for women are like a daily dose of what’s good for you. A fresh, organic, nutritious shake for our mind made up of positive specific thoughts and focussed attention on what we want and desire. 

But why should I care about Daily Affirmations for women? 

Because really successful people....and I don’t just mean people who are ridiculously rich, famous or career high flyers. I mean genuinely successful

Those who are happy and healthy, those who have  loving, supportive relationships, those with plenty of money and enjoy the work they do for it, those who can face challenges and adversity and bounce right back, those with bounds of confidence and self esteem, those others  admire, those with peace of mind and contented spirits...you know the smart girls. 

Well smart girls naturally or purposefully have developed the skill of beneficial positive affirmations.

The words they use and beliefs they hold about themselves and the world are- on the whole - good and positive. They may not be aware but these affirmations feed into their beliefs and natural self-talk and allow for a positive frame of mind to guide their unconscious mind into creating the kind of smart life we all deserve. 

Women are particularly vulnerable to negative thoughts and rubbish self talk. Why? - Well have you ever met your subconscious mind? Well let me introduce you. She is very powerful and if we're smart she can be our new best friend- a big helping hand with everything we need for a happier, more successful and smarter life. 

Unfortunately, our unconscius mind is a bit like a strict overbearing mother convinced she knows what's best for us while ignoring or just plain not hearing what we want. Find out more about our Affirmations and our subconscious mind 

We just need to take the time to get to know her and learn to speak her language.  Using Positive affirmations is one  way to speak in a language our unconscious recognises!

At first the idea of afirmations may sound Big-headed, Arrogant, Absurdly Chirpy, or Downright Untrue. 

Although these  are all valid thoughts but remember our Inner-critic will often try to put us off changing for the better and prevent us improving our self-talk from negative to positive. We can approach affirmations with a healthy skepticism but please be openminded too, open to the possibilities affirmations offer, if not these statements will just remain statements rather than new beliefs you hold.

Experience affirmations right now, watch this video created by hypnosis for smart girls a collection of healthy affirmations for every day.

Daily Affirmations can easily become part of our smart life. We can write our own, we can read them out loud from a list or in our heads, we can listen watch them  like above or listen to them as audio files as below 

When affirmations aren’t enough.

If our self-esteem is too low we may feel it impossible to create or use positive affirmations. 

If the idea of creating, saying and hearing positive statements about yourselves feels deeply uncomfortable, makes you feel unhappy or depressed don't even try affirmations at this time, they will do you no good and possibly make you feel worse.  

Consider building-up your self-esteemconfidence and looking for ways to improve your all over well-being. 

If you are feeling deeply unhappy, desperate or out-of-control, Hypnosis 4 smart girls is not what you need at this time. Don't suffer in silence, speak to someone; trusted friend, colleague, family member or G.P. However bleak things seem, help is out there for you so please keep looking. Click here for suggestions of where to start.

Attention all Smart Girls (And Guys)

Don't Get Scared: Get Smart!

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