How to Write an Affirmation

How to write an Affirmation

Understanding how to write an affirmation is one easy and effective way to change negative self- talk into positive smart-talk.

Negative self-talk  and limiting beliefs are foxy saboteurs  holding  us back  and telling us lies, but  positive affirmations are helpful tools to arm ourselves against these unhelpful thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

Affirmations are positive statements spoken out loud, written down or listened to, which helps by filling our minds with only the very best thoughts

We all know that good quality food is a must for our bodies if we want them to work and look their best, but many of us regularly fill our minds with unhealthy negative thoughts and negative self-talk...the food equivalent of disgusting fat drenched junk food.

Negative thoughts can poison our emotions and behaviour,  meaning niether work as best they should.Negative thoughts limit our potential, keeping us stuck and negative self-talk tells us lies about ourselves.

Positive Affirmations are like a daily dose of what’s good for you. A fresh, organic, nutritious shake for our mind made up of positive specific thoughts and focussed attention on what we want and desire. 

Positive Affirmations, when repeated over time, reprogram our unconscious mind.

By learning how to write an affirmation our powerful unconscious mind can stop ignoring what we want, because now we’re communicating  in a language we both understand  she’ll  start working with us, stop sabotaging us  and  begin helping  move us towards our desires and goals, offering solutions, resolution and confident positive action.

learning how to write an affirmation is a great trick to keep in our bag, but there are a few points to consider, take time some time to read these points because affirmations when created and used effectively can be a massive benefit to our lives.

When working out how to write an affirmation remember a few points;

Choose Carefully and Smartly; So what to choose to improve with affirmations? 

A good place to start is by asking; How would we like to be?

  • What do we want in our lives?
  • What qualities would bring us closer to our goals? 
  • What aspects of our personality are holding us back?
  • What area of our lives do we want to see improvement or experience change?
  • What qualities do we most admire in others?

Some aspects we might consider include;

  • Relationships 
  • Career
  • Social life
  • work life
  • Exercise
  • Confidence
  • Finances
  • love life
  • Friendships
  • Health
  • Motivation
  • Self-Esteem

For some of us it will be obvious, issues will jump straight to mind, others may need to dig a little deeper but be persistent, this will gives the foundation of our affirmation.

How to write an affirmation

Keep it Positive 

When considering how to write an affirmation remember Positive affirmations are always...positive, seems obvious right?

Actually many of us are so use to expressing our desires through what we don’t want, we hardly notice it, so it feels right to write our own affirmations that way too;

  • 'I will not be late for work'
  • 'I don’t want to feel nervous when I chat to someone new'

 But why is that a problem?

Remember how our unconscious speaks a different language, well one difference is that she doesn’t understand negatives, it sounds strange, but she just misses them out and so our unconscious only hears us affirming 

  • ‘I will be late for work’
  • ’I want to feel nervous when I chat with someone new.

Positive affirmations are created by focussing on how we do want to feel and how we do want to behave;

  • I always arrive at work with plenty of time to spare. 
  • I am a likable person and I am calm and confident when I approach new people.

Keep it Present

When we're creating our own affirmations they should bephrased in the present tense;

  • ‘I am calm and relaxed’
  • ‘I choose to be confident right now’,
  • ‘I have all the skills I need to make the smartest choices’.

The statement is phrased as though it is happening right now, not what will, maybe or might happen in the future.

Remember our unconscious mind speaks a very literal language, when she hears these thoughts in the present tense she begins to believes they are happening in the pesent now;  okay, she thinks, 'I better make sure it keeps happening’ and she does her best to make this the case.

When our desires exists only in a fantasized future that is where our desires are likely to stay.

Keep it Real

When creating our own affirmations they should always be personal and realistic.

Never choose to change because we think someone else would like to see that change in us. To see the results we want, work on what we genuinely and personally need to change and improve in ourselves.

Keeping our goals realistic is an important part of affirmation success also. Challenge ourselves, yes. Think big, yes. Have ambitious dreams, yes but don't set ourselves up for failure by expecting too much too soon.

Once more with Feeling

Personal affirmations should touch us and feel powerful when we say them, (even if we don’t believe them yet).  Our affirmations should strike a chord in us and resonate on some level.

 Read them out loud, how do we feel? Not much? Then get creative, change the language and phrasing until it starts to mean something. Whether saying it out load or in our head, try to express it with genuine meaning and conviction, keep them fresh, we don’t have to take ourselves too seriously, have fun.

Repeat, Repeat and Repeat it again!

Creating our own affirmations is complete, how often should you speak, write down or listen to them?

At least once a day but anymore is a bonus.

Why repeat?  Our unconscious mind likes repetition, she thinks if it is thought over and over again it must be true and worth paying attention to. 

Unfortunately it is by this same pattern that unhelpful thoughts have taken up residence in our minds over the years.  This is why consistence and persistence are important, ideally we should focus on our affirmations daily and for at least a month period.

It's great creating our own affirmations and it's true they work best when we create them to focus on our specific personal  areas of our lives but there are many all purpose positive affirmations that are good for us all.

Here are some Audio Affirmations packed full with good nutritius organic positive statements.

A great place to start is with Smart Affirmations to start the day.

A great foundation for Smart living is Affirmations for confidence and Self esteem

Listen to more Audio affirmations Check out these Subliminal Audio Affirmations Watch affirmation Videos

Remember when creating our own affirmations we are consciously creating new beliefs and thought patterns, only when those beliefs are accepted unconsciously, this doesn’t happen overnight. Like starting any healthy new habit it’s not always easy to muster the motivation to keep at it, through the limbo period where nothing seems to be changing, out until we reap the benefits.

Find out more Including important tips on how to make affirmations work and avoiding the common pitfalls.

Affirmations can do wonders  for us, but they work best when we approach them with an open mind, a generous level of positivity and an reasonable level of self- esteem. It can be most beneficial to combine affirmations as part of a wider Smart girl regime.

When affirmations aren’t enough.

If our self-esteem is too low we may feel it impossible to create or use positive affirmations.

If the idea of creating, saying and hearing positive statements about yourselves feels deeply uncomfortable, makes you feel unhappy or depressed don't even try affirmations at this time, they will do you no good and possibly make you feel worse.  

Consider building-up your self-esteem, confidence and looking for ways to improve your all over well-being. 

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