Hypnosis, trance
and your new best friend.

Hypnosis, Trance, The Unconscious mind

So What exactly is hypnosis?

When you think of hypnosis,Imagine a place where your concentration is so intense, so focussed, that all outside distractions just melt away. Sound weird? - It's really not.

This place - let's call it a trance is a state somewhere between being wide awake and fast asleep. And a hypnotic trance is simply a way of getting there on purpose and for a good reason.

In this place we can access all your best bits, your attributes, your cunning your natural Smartness... and give them a friendly kick-up-the-arse. Get them working on your problem.

But more on that later...

So, think you can’t be hypnotised? Maybe it works for some girls but hypnosis won’t work on you?

Let me ask you this:

Do you drive a familiar route every day, to your friend's house for example...you arrive there in the driveway...but wait, you remember setting off but you can’t recall the specifics of the journey. Your body was on auto pilot, doing the technical stuff, while your mind went along for the ride.

You are in a really boring meeting; your mind wanders to a far more interesting subject.

Your holiday perhaps You’re right there on the beach, the sound of the waves in your ears and the hot sun on your face, bliss meanwhile back in the office everyone's looking at you expectantly, the boss just asked you a question

But you have no idea what and now you’re face is redder than if you’d really been in the sun?

How can this be?-Trance that’s how

If you’ve ever daydreamed, ‘lost' yourself in a good book or been terrified by a horror film. If time has flown by while you’re having fun, or seemed to move backwards when you’re watching the clock.... then you’ve been in a trance...Nothing weird or dangerous, it’s all quite normal.

So, when using hypnosis you can go into a trance easily and naturally.

The next question is:

Why would you want to?

Of course a trance is a pleasant, relaxing experience but put that aside for now, what comes next is important - here is where it gets Smart.

When you’re in a hypnotic trance your unconscious mind becomes available for a chat.

our unconscious is the big boss behind the scenes; hard at work keeping your body going, it does all the very essential but rather dull jobs, like breathing, digesting, blinking...It's a good job someones doing it. All the time it's keeping its head down so you barely notice it’s there.

On the other hand there’s your conscious mind, this is the part of ‘you’ you recognise as ‘you’ , the part that is reading this now and wondering whether to keep reading or go make a cup of tea instead...(please stay reading just a bit longer this is important.)

This conscious bit knows what you want, how you’d like to act, what's your perfect job, your perfect man, your life ambitions, It has a good idea what’s best for you.

So Conscious mind and Unconscious mind -they should get on great-right?

Unfortunately they rarely agree .The unconscious ends up making decisions on your behalf that your conscious mind would never sign up to. All the time hiding out of the way so as not to get the blame...but you can spot it working when you know what to look for;

  • When you react in ways that seem irrational, that’s your unconscious showing itself.
  • It could be when you have to make a presentation at work; No big deal but urgh- butterflies in the stomach , heart beating fast, loss of ability to complete a coherent sentence....
  • It could be the crazy way you scream when faced by a tiny spider or the feeling of dread as the plane starts down the runway.
  • Or how about the part of you that keeps dating the same old losers even though you tell yourself never again.

I’m making out your Unconscious to be a bit of a Bitch....the kind that stabs you in the back....but there’s a reason it’s so unhelpful and with the help of hypnosis, your unconscious can become your closest friend and greatest ally.

Your unconscious is actually very Smart...

and it works with your best interests at heart....but it’s a bit like a strict overbearing mother with very definite ideas about what your ‘best interests’ are....and it formed these ideas from unique lessons learned throughout your life.

It learned Smart lessons; like don’t touch the hotplate on the oven, like soap doesn’t taste nice even when it’s pink and smells of strawberry (a lesson I sadly learned the hard way)

But the unconscious also learns ‘bad’ lessons.

  • It learns I’m ugly, stupid or not good enough
  • It learns being liked, fitting in are the most important things in life
  • It learns the world is scary place and people are mean
  • It learns change is frightening so best to stay exactly where I am

There’s no end to the bad lessons it may have learned and your overbearing unconscious uses them all to make decisions on how you live your life.

Through Hypnosis I can explain to your unconscious, in a language it understands, what it is that ‘you’ want. It's a bit like we are talking about you behind your back.

When I’ve explained, what exactly ‘you’ want and it agrees it will start to make it happen, it has an immense handbag of skills drawn from a lifetime of experience and anything it doesn’t know...well it can learn very easily.

  • Just imagine what you could do if you were suddenly calm and at ease in any situation.
  • If you could confidently go for every opportunity because you're no longer scared to fail.
  • If you could think clearly and act decisively.
  • If you needn't think twice about saying no to unwelcome temptations.
  • The fact is your unconscious is one of your oldest and most helpful friends, it’s been there all your life, Isn’t it time you got to know each other.
  • Because when you and your unconscious work together, there’s almost nothing you can’t achieve.

The very best bit is... while you get to sit down and relax, your unconscious and I will be doing all the hard work.

However you're not off the hook, I need your help too otherwise your unconscious and I wont be speaking the same language and I may as well be talking to brick wall.

If you are feeling deeply unhappy, desperate or out-of-control, Hypnosis 4 smart girls is not what you need at this time. Don't suffer in silence, speak to someone; trusted friend, colleague, family member or G.P. However bleak things seem, help is out there for you so please keep looking. Click here for suggestions of where to start.

Attention all Smart Girls (And Guys)

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