One way to Think about Hypnosis

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One way to think about Hypnosis

But how exactly does hypnosis reckon in the Smart girls world? How should she think about it? And what can it do?

Imagine a type of bag. One we keep inside of us. This is where we carry all our capabilities, all our coping strategies, our skills, all our ingenuity, inventiveness and insights.

Basically the contents of this bag govern how we react to all life's everyday knocks and bumps, as well as the big unforeseen events that shake our world.

Whether we face them with resilience or whether we flip-out and fall on our arse is partly down to our unique collection of inner resources.

Think of it like a first aid kit, or a workman’s tool kit, or a handbag...

Keep Hypnosis in your Handbag

Whether your handbag is a beaten up rucksack, a vintage leather satchel or some designer desirable little item, it’s a vital piece of kit.

Where else would we keep our essential everyday bits; purse, phone, mp3, make-up, tablet. A Smart girl would never leave home without it.

All smart girls have reserves of different strengths and strategies, some are always there imbedded in our personality, some we learn as we grow up or from trial and error. Some we never had the opportunity to learn but the ability to do so is strong when we know what and why we are looking for it.

Imagine all these skills are lying within your unique inner handbag...

Some girls have chaotic handbags, heavy and full of crap. Old receipts, crisp packets, run down eyeliners, stuff they don’t need or want but for some reason keep hold of.

With that much extra baggage how can they find the important stuff when they need it, like house keys or change for bus?

These handbags are not making their lives better or smarter;  

When these girls really want confidence for, say the Christmas party, they search in their bags to no avail, they can’t find it among all the rubbish and spend the party seeming shy or rude.... or getting so drunk they puke on the boss’ shoes!

These girls might like to say ‘no’ to the cigarette but, hey-- they’ve run out of will-power, there’s none left in their bag and they end-up out in the cold  on their own, puffing away!

When these girls want to make a big change to their careers, they might look in their bag for the courage to do it, but find only fear and uncertainty.

No, these aren’t smart handbag.

Of course, there are the rare endangered species who have tidy well organized handbags with the essentials where they need them; chewing gum, phone charger, a spare pare of clean underwear. 

They don’t get to the bus stop before realising they’ve left their purse on the kitchen table, they are confident because they know it’s all there in their handbag when and should they need it.

Most of us are piggy in the middle.

Our handbags do the job for much of the time, keeping us going day to day... though I bet most of us could organise our handbags better,

In retrospect most of us would admit we wished we’d dealt with  situations differently;

wish we hadn’t overreacted to a harmless comment, not got muddled over an important desicion or clammed up when asked your opinion...   

Is this good enough? Not for smart girls.

But A Smart girl doesn’t throw her bag away,

She just smartens it up.

Hypnosis can help smarten up your bag, think of it as a tool to organise it so when you look in your bag you know what you want and are confident you’ll find it in there.

Hypnosis can help us stockpile all the essentials in our bags; more confidence, will-power, courage, calmness, decisiveness, whatever it is we need...

and it can help with getting rid of the rubbish and crap; the doubt, anxiety, uncertainty, anger, fear.

In fact you could say hypnosis is like mascara. A really great one.

It’s simple and easy to use, it fits neatly in your bag and it can work miracles when you maintain it and use it the right way. (Leave the lid off, it will dry out and become cloggy.)

Of course Hypnosis isn’t the only tool to keep your handbag well-ordered and well-stocked....there are many tools you can use...It may mean learning and developing new talents and skills to help you best navigate the daily grind of everyday life but that's what being Smart is all about. 

Here at hypnosis 4 smart girls we offer some tips and techniques to supplement the hypnosis.... it’s not the be all and end all....but it’s a start. 

Keep Hypnosis in your handbag, Use it when you need it and use it the right way. Start making your bag smarter today.


 Hypnosis, the Smart facts.

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