Positive Affirmations for Love

Positive Affirmations for Love

Positive Affirmations for Love: A smart idea!

Love is a deeply complex emotion. It is both wonderful and heart breaking and  there are so many different types we can feel; love for family, friends, ourselves, for our boy/girlfriend, secret crush, for our gold fish! Whether it is passionate and intense or stable and comforting, love is the foundation for a content, happy smart life.

But it can so easily be jaded with other feelings; of jealousy, resentment, anxiety, insecurities and fears, we can take it for granted or have ridiculously unrealistic expectations. For some love is a dirty word because it brings only misery and confusion. Some of us will can build high walls around our heart refusing anyone in or others offer love to those who manipulate and use us.

A good relationship with love is a smart idea,and that's where positive affirmations for love come in.  I can't promise we'll never get our heart broken again but positive affirmations for love can set the base for happy healthy relationships with others and ourselves.    

What are Affirmations and why should I care?

Affirmations are like a super healthy, organically prepared smoothie for our mind. By actively taking time to fill our heads with good quality, positive thoughts and motivating expanding beliefs we set ourselves up for a life of possibilities and potential awesomeness. 

The alternative is remaining  slaves to negative thoughts that stop us and hold us back  before we even get started.

Positive Affirmations, when repeated over time, reprogram our unconscious mind.

Our unconscious mind is a good girl who is on our side, but can often we are at cross purposes, it's like we speak different languages and can't communicate or work together. By creating, speaking and listening to affirmations and smart new beliefs - our powerful unconscious mind stops ignoring because now we’re communicating in a language we both understand. Our unconscious mind will start working with us, stop sabotaging us and instead help move us towards our desires by offering us solutions and confident positive action.

Positive Affirmations For Love

My heart is always open and I radiate love

 I have brought only the most loving person in my life and life is now full of joy.

Everywhere I go, I find love. Life is great.

I always express my feeling openly to my partner. 

Because I deeply love with myself, I am happily patient to love and be loved deeply by someone else. 

I deserve love and I get it.

In life I always get what I give out and I always give out love.

I am surrounded by love and everything is fine.

I offer love into the world and I know it will return to me

Whatever be my relationship, love and forgiveness is the foundation of that relationship.

More positive affirmations for love

I love everything I see and everyone I meet. 

I give my love and time to those who support and respect me, there is no room for toxic people in my life

I find love in all things. 

I am loved and I deserve it. 

I clearly see myself in Love with the man/woman of my dreams.

I love myself completely.   

Today I let go of any negative feelings associated with love 

I bring loving, beautiful people into my life.

I now feel loved and appreciated by my parents, my friends and my special other

I give love freely without out expectation go gain  and I gain all the rewards

I find it easy to give and receive love

Today I make time for the people I love

I forgive myself for those I have loved poorly 

 I forgive anyone who poorly loved me

My future is full of love and joy

My loved one is deeply and passionately in Love with me, as I AM with him/her    

I always feel surrounded by love even when those I love are far away, this fills me with strength and joy

Smart girls know that self love  is the most important love, when we have low self esteem and confidence we may feel at a deep level we are unlovable or undeserving of love that is given.

If this apllys to you, is wise to work on building you self esteem and confidence, these are very important relationships that our the foundation of a smart happy life. We all deserve to be loved so use these audios to start building your relationship with yourself.

If you are feeling deeply unhappy, desperate or out-of-control, Hypnosis 4 smart girls is not what you need at this time. Don't suffer in silence, speak to someone; trusted friend, colleague, family member or G.P. However bleak things seem, help is out there for you so please keep looking. Click here for suggestions of where to start.

Attention all Smart Girls (And Guys)

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