Positive Affirmations for Self Esteem

Positive Affirmations for Self Esteem

Positive Affirmations for self esteem. Self esteem is a good girl we want in our team because when she's got our back there's nothing we can't do.

Self esteem, simply, is how much we like ourselves and how much worth we afford ourselves in our world. It will impact on every important aspect of our lives, from our basic contentness to the quality of our relationships and our success.

Having a good level is the bedrock of the smart girls life, when we lack this important self belief life can be unnecessarily hard. The good news is it can be increased, grown, boosted and nurtured.

And positive affirmations are one way to do this.

What are Affirmations and why should I care?

We all know that good quality food is a must for our bodies if we want them to function at their best, but I bet even those who take great care with our diets regularly fill our minds with unhealthy negative thoughts and negative self-talk -  the food equivalent of disgusting fat drenched junk food.

Negative thoughts can poison our emotions and behaviour,  meaning niether work as best they should.Negative thoughts limit our potential, keeping us stuck somewhere we'd rather not be and negative self-talk tells us lies about ourselves.

Affirmations are like a daily dose of what’s good for you. A fresh, organic, nutritious shake for our mind made up of positive specific thoughts and focussed attention on what we want and desire. 

Positive Affirmations, when repeated over time, reprogram our unconscious mind.

Our unconscious mind is a good girl who is on our side, but can often we are at cross purposes, it's like we speak different languages and can't communicate or work together. Often our unconscious mind ignores us completely and does what she thinks is best!

By creating, speaking and listening to affirmations and smart new beliefs - our powerful unconscious mind stops ignoring what we want because now we’re communicating in a language we both understand. Our unconscious mind will start working with us, stop sabotaging us and instead help move us towards our desires by offering us solutions and confident positive action.

 Affirmations for Self esteem and confidence. Listen daily - while relaxing or on the go - to these quality positive statements created for you by hypnosis 4 smart girls 

Hypnotic Self Esteem Booster. Sit back, relax and allow yourself a trip to a special beach to rewrite your self esteem. 

Creating our own specific affirmations is a smart idea, that way you can direct those positive statements right where its needed.

however Affirmations work best when created and used in a particular way. Find out how.

Positive Affirmations for self esteem

I accept and love myself

I am Beautiful Inside and Out

I am Capable of Changing My Life for the Better

I am Worthy of Being Treated Well

I deserve to be successful.

I deserve to be happy.

I believe the world is good to me.

I deserve to be loved.

I am valuable and important.

I let go of negative past experiences and embrace a positive optimistic attitude 

I am Worthy of a Great Life

My mind is mine, so I shall fill it with positive and healthy thoughts,

I am confident and organized.

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