Positive Health Affirmations

Positive Health Affirmations

Positive Health Affirmations; A Smart Idea.

Our Health, both physical and emotional is so very important for a smart life, but there are so many elements in our lives that are out to scupper our health. Stress, anxiety and fear bring with them a posse of ill health issues. Our modern lives can be full of health dangers; Poor sleep, bad habits, lethargy and boredom, convenience and junk foods, lack of exercise and disease to our body and minds, weakening our immune system and keeping us down.

Affirmations are like a super healthy, organically prepared smoothie for our mind. By actively taking time to fill our heads with good quality, positive thoughts and motivating expanding beliefs we set ourselves up for a life of possibilities and potential awesomeness. 

The alternative is remaining  slaves to negative thoughts that stop us and hold us back  before we even get started. Positive Affirmations, when repeated over time, reprogram our unconscious mind.

By creating, speaking and listening to affirmations and smart new beliefs - Our unconscious mind will start working with us, stop sabotaging us and instead help move us towards our desires by offering us solutions and confident positive action.

Positive health Affirmations can help reintroduce our mind and body to a energetic life full of health and vitality.

Positive Health Affirmations

Today I care for my body and it cares for me, my body is healthy, energized, and perfect in every way.

Healthy living ideas flow to me easily, I am in control of my health and wellness.

I am living a long and healthy life, I sleep soundly and peacefully, I radiate good health.

My entire body functions perfectly. I am healthy, whole and complete, my mind is at peace.

I breathe deeply, exercise regularly and feed only good nutritious food to my body.

I am always able to maintain my ideal weight.

I treat my body as a temple, I am healthy in all aspects of my being.

I am perfectly healthy in body, mind and spirit. I am well, I am whole, and I am strong.

My mind is perfectly healthy and so is my body. I am vigorous, energetic and full of vitality.

I release all ill feelings about people, incidents and anything else. I release all negatives and my mind and body are well, I can easily forgive everyone associated with me.

I know my limits well and never consume excess foods or drink.

I am perfectly healthy, I am full of energy and vitality and my mind is calm and peaceful

I avoid all junk food and I eat healthy, nutritious food that benefits my body and large quantity of water that cleanses my body.

Every day is a new day full health and happiness, my body becomes more energetic and more healthy.

I recognise my bodies messages and I can respond easily to my bodies needs. I live in greater health each and everyday.

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