Self Esteem Definition

Self Esteem Definition: You want this girl in your team!

Self Esteem definition is just the thing to help you get to know this girl better.

And she's definitely worth getting to know, because a good self esteem is at the basis of a Smart girls life.

Self Esteem put simply is the level to which we value ourselves and how we much value we believe we hold to others and in the world.

Our self esteem, for good or bad, can effect practically every important part of our lives; our relationships, our work and career, our health.

With good levels of Self esteem we are set up well to make smart choices for a smart life.

Defining Self Esteem 

With good levels of Self esteem we are set up well to make smart choices for a smart life.

It's not the only important emotional strength that we can possess but Self esteem is so intrinsically linked with our confidence levels and so will have a direct effect upon our lives, our well being, our ongoing success, the quality of our love life, our physical and emotional health and contentment and peace of mind.

Our levels of Self esteem can ebb and flow throughout our lifetime depending on events and situations that come and go but those of us with a good level of self esteem tend towards particular attitudes emotions and behaviours.

How many do you recognise in yourself?

  • Optimistic
  • Motivated
  • Self-directed
  • Decisive
  • Self-caring
  • Confident
  • An ability to say No
  • A trusting nature
  • Non-judging behaviour
  • Learns from mistakes
  • Independent and Self-Reliant
  • Cooporative
  • Emotionally versatility
  • Realistic attitudes towards personal strengths and weaknesses

Defining low Self Esteem

It's great when we have her on our team because when she's got your back you can deal with anything but when self-esteem hard to find, this can lead to a hard life.

Low self-esteem can become a debilitating condition negatively effecting our ability to be smart, happy, successful and from living the life we desire and deserve.

In fact low self-esteem  can leave us feeling so poorly about ourselves, we truly believe we are unworthy and unlovable, incapable and incompetent. And these feelings perpetuate this bad situation becoming a vicious cycle that keeps self-esteem low. 

Well a good question to ask ourselves is do I have low self esteem? Do you recognise in yourself the attitudes beliefs and behaviours below?

  • Negative view on life
  • Perfectionist outlook
  • Self critical
  • Mistrustful
  • Reluctance to take healthy risk
  • Deep feelings of being unloved and being unlovable
  • Critical to others
  • Blaming of others
  • Fear of action
  • Procrastination
  • Fear of change
  • Fear of being laughed at being ridiculed

Why should I care?

With low levels of self esteem often comes a number of issues in life, For example those of us with low self-esteem;

  • May be more at risk from developing depression, anxiety  mental health problems.
  • Can't take pride in ourselves or our achievements due to perfectionist feeling that we should always do better.
  • Can find it hard to make and keep good friends as we lack trust in others and the world encouraging feeling of being victimised.
  • Don't always assert ourselves and our needs, opening ourselves up to bullying and manipulative relationships.
  • We criticise ourselves unfairly, always comparing ourselves to others.
  • We may avoid new experiences being terrified of failure, change and risk.
  • May feel bad, ugly, unlikable and stupid.
  • Can't cope with pressure.

Our self esteem is partly due to personality and largely built through the experiences over our life-time. So those with low self-esteem should not blame themselves for having  low self esteem (but many will).

We learn our value from the people we are close with and,from the world we live in and through our unique experiences. So for example,  our self-esteem has been effected for good or bad by our:

  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • by Brothers and Sisters
  • Uncle Aunties Cousins
  • Teachers and Care givers
  •  Doctors
  • Adult family friends
  • School friends and peers.

But there are many experiences, events situations out of our control which will have added too;

 In fact nearly everything that has happened to us has impacted in some way on our level of self esteem.

  • Parents Divorce
  • Accidents
  • Physical impairments
  •  Emotional, Physical and Sexual abuse
  • Learning difficulties 
  • Bullying
  • Early or late onset of puberty
  • Personal sporting ability
  •  Academic achievment
  • A safe or chaotic home environment

Do I have low self Esteem?

 For too many of us Self-esteem can be hard to come by. Even those of us lucky enough to have a good level in some areas of life; like at work, might then feel pathetic and incapable when it comes to their love life.

Self Esteem is a girl we need on our team, cheering us on because when she has your back, our attitudes, our health, our happiness levels, our confidence, our ultimate smartness, can all begin to increase. And really there is no reason any of us should be missing out because self esteem is a quality we can build, boost, grow and nurture. 

I would confidently say that a sense of low self esteem can be at the root of many of our daily life issues, even if it isn't obvious. Do yourself a favour and take the time and effort to work on increasing your personal level. And self esteem will pay you back tenfold for all the effort you put into her.

It will take more work for some than others but none of us should live in a world where we feel we have little value. Because we are each of us unique, smart and important. Find something that works for you: Start here with these self esteem audio designed to start building a good relationship with the girl who counts;

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