Stress and Weight Gain

Stress and Weight gain,a combination that's hard to stomach

Stress is a Bitch

She can cause strife in  our lives and wouldn’t you just know it, she can even add on the inches too.

But smart girls know there are ways and means to counteract excess pressure and relax into a slim trim healthy body.

There are a number of ways she can affect our weight...


Stress causes our bodies to react to danger, if we have to fight or run we need energy, quickly supplied to us by our autonomic nervous system.

So, although at first when stressed, hunger is suppressed,

(When you are running from a masked intruder its not always the best time to sit down for a bite to eat). 

Eventually though the body wants that energy back in the shape of food and so we get  cravings

and not for carrots or green leafy veg.

No, Our cravings are for quick and easy, high salt, high fat, high sugar, high comfort foods.

And since it is unlikely we have actually been running away from a masked intruder, all those calories are not burned off

But stay exactly where they are, on our tums, bums and thighs.


Cortisol is a hormone linked to our fight/flight response, it can slow down our metabolism (our inner engine which burns the fuel our bodies run on) which in turn causes more weight gain for the same amount of food...not fair but true. 

So even if we’re not eating more, we can still put on weight and find it hard to shift the weight we’ve already got. 

Fat storage

To make things worse, it's been shown that excess pressure can actually change where fat is stored in our bodies.

In fact, stress is linked with more abdominal fat, that’s fat around our middles. 

The thought of bikini season is stressful enough without this added burden but more important abdominal fat rather than fat stored elsewhere on our bodies, is linked to unpleasant health risks such as heart disease and diabetes.

Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating is a complex issue, smart girls fall into this trap for many reasons but certainly Stress plays her part. 

Excess nervous energy from unwanted pressure can lead us to eat more than normal and again it’s those quick and easy snacks stress likes best.

Munching on junk food turns into a long term habit; becoming a regular relationship rather than an occasional fling.

Lifestyle and  Naughty Eating Habits

Being hassled and worn out means our choices become less healthy in terms of food.

Less of us do the smart thing, making our dinner from scratch from fresh ingredients,

who has the time? 

Instead becoming reliant on take-away, fast- food, processed and microwave meals full of salt, sugar, fat and additives.

And with all the demands on your schedule who has the time to exercise, even though it's top of all of our to do lists.

So stress can persuade us to make unwise choices, eating poorly with no time to exercise and this means week by week the weight creeps up.  

But there are always ways we can regain control over our bodies and minds.

Smart steps to beat stress and weight Gain

 Manage your stress levels. Reducing levels means she has less influence over our bodies, improving health and reducing weight. The perfect place to start is by listening to my hypnosis relaxation download.

Regularly used, this will lead your body into a deeply relaxed place where your conscious mind can take a well deserved rest and you can restore some calm and equilibrium to a hectic life.

There are also lots of easy and more involved relief tips and strategies to get you started.

Be Smart about what we eat. Discover how important nutrition is to every part of our body and mind. It can improve our beauty, health,      confidence, brain power, success. Try my hypnosis downloads aimed to         help with losing weight and improving our relationship with food.

If you can’t resist the cravings make a smart choice.  A small amount   of preparation here can save you pounds, on the hips...

Make it easy and          convenient to munch on healthy snacks. Why not try carrot, sweet red pepper cut into sticks and ready to crunch, dip with humous (low fat if       you're counting the calories).  Snow peas, mange tout and endame beans all healthy, sweet, tasty and fun when you eat them straight from the pod. 

If you are not hungry but need a quick fix, try chewing gum, though not      attractive when chewed loudly or with your mouth open, it can be just     the thing to satisfy a momentary craving.

Feeling thirsty, rather than a branded fizzy or high sugar energy drink that do little to hydrate us...

Try fizzy water, make it more appealing with pre       frozen lemon and lime slices, or try mixing it with a little fruit juice or      cordial...beware high sugar in both so make it more parts water than   cordial.

Check out these healthy anti-stress food suggestions.

 Learn to love exercise. Many smart girls want to get fit and slim but just can’t seem to get around to exercising. Check out my increased motivation to move hypnosis download, which encourages us to embrace movement and fall in love with exercise

Incorporate exercise every dayToo busy and stressed to get to the gym? Try ways of incorporating it into our daily lives;

simple ways of doing this  are:  By taking the stairs instead of the lift or elevator, can’t face 15 floors get  off at the 12th and hike from there, similarly walking up escalators, getting off the bus or train a stop early, investing in some flattering and     lightweight trainers or comfy flats and thus removing the excuse of    heels.

House works sucks, why not get fit at the same time? Make it that bit more energetic and burn off a few   calories by making you living space spick and span. 

Turn off the T.V and put some favourite old songs on; wind up and have  a private disco in your front room, dancing is a great way to move and        lose calories, push the furniture out the way and go for it. If you feel               unashamedly brazen invite your friends over or keep it a secret between      you and your itunes.

Whatever works for you...just don’t let stress make you fat and unhealthy, take control of your life and weight the smart way.

If you are feeling deeply unhappy, desperate or out-of-control, Hypnosis 4 smart girls is not what you need at this time. Don't suffer in silence, speak to someone; trusted friend, colleague, family member or G.P. However bleak things seem, help is out there for you so please keep looking. Click here for suggestions of where to start.

Attention all Smart Girls (And Guys)

Don't Get Scared: Get Smart!

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