What is Low Self Esteem

What is low self esteem

What is low self esteem? A smart question to ask.

Self Esteem put simply is the level to which we value ourselves and believe in the value and worth we hold for others and in the world.

Self-esteem is not to be mistaken for arrogance, it's not thinking we are better than everyone or are the best at everything, It's the confidence we hold in our own abilities and values, it's feeling comfortable with our strengths and weaknesses, having faith and trusting ourselves while realising where there's room for improvement. 

With good levels of Self esteem we are set up well to make smart choices for a smart life.

Our self-esteem, for good or bad, can effect practically every important part of our lives; our relationships, our work and career, our health. When it's good we can accept ourselves as we are and enjoy our successes, but when self-esteem is low accepting ourselves is a tall order.

Low self esteem is having a generally negative overall opinion of ourself, judging and evaluating ourselves negatively. Those with low self-esteem generally have a rigid, negative beliefs about who they are, these beliefs often are taken as truths or facts, resulting in a negative impact on life.

Low self esteem can become a debilitating condition negatively effecting our ability to be smart, happy, successful and from living the life we desire and deserve. In fact it  can leave us feeling so poorly about ourselves, we can feel unworthy, unlovable, incapable and incompetent. And these feelings perpetuate the situation becoming a vicious cycle that keeps self-esteem low. 

So a good question to ask is not only What is low self esteem is? But importantly do I suffer?  Do you recognise the attitudes, beliefs and behaviours below as ones you hold;

What is low self esteem

  • A Negative view on life
  • A Perfectionist outlook
  • Are you highly Self critical
  • Are you mistrustful
  • Do you have a reluctance to take healthy risk
  • Do you have deep feelings of being unloved and being unlovable
  • Are you critical of others
  • Do you blame others
  • Do you fear action
  • Procraste 
  • Fear change
  • Feel deep fear of being laughed at or ridiculed

Take this quiz to test your level of Self-esteem, do not take the result as a diagnosis, it's just to give you an idea.

Low self esteem can result in thoughts that we are worthless or that we are a bad person, these feelings can lead to feelings of depression, so it's important to be aware where we stand.

What is low self esteem and What causes it?

We are not born with low self esteem, for the most part we learn from those we are close to, our parents, wider family, our school teachers, our friends and peers all play a part in the lessons we learn.

It is not possible to identify any one cause of low self-esteem for everyone. We form your beliefs over a long period of time and this process is likely to be affected by a range of different things. Some factors that can contribute to low self-esteem include:

  • Difficult childhood experiences – negative experiences in childhood, such as bullying, difficult family relationships or having a hard time at school, can be particularly damaging for your self-esteem.
  • Difficult life events – difficult experiences as an adult, such as the end of a relationship, long-term illness, the death of someone close to you or being unemployed, can lower your self-esteem, particularly if you experience several difficult events over a short period of time.
  • Personality and temperament – elements of your personality, such as a tendency towards negative thinking or finding it hard to relate to other people, could contribute to a poor self-image.
  • Feeling ‘different’ – feeling like the 'odd one out', or under peer pressure to conform to social norms you don't agree with, can affect the way you see yourself.
  • Relationships with other people – other people may feed into your low self-esteem, being negative about you or making you feel like you have little worth. Or you may feel you don’t live up to other people’s expectations.
  • Stress and excessive pressure – if you are under a lot of stress and finding it hard to cope, this can lead to feelings of low self-worth.
  • Negative thinking patterns – you may learn or develop thinking patterns that reinforce low self-esteem, such as constantly comparing yourself to others or developing high standards for yourself that you can’t achieve.
  • Discrimination and stigma – if you are discriminated against for whatever reason, this can affect the way you see yourself.
  • Social isolation and loneliness – if you have limited social contact with other people, or find it hard to maintain relationships with other people, this can lead to poor self-image.
  • Trauma, abuse or bullying – trauma, physical, sexual or psychological abuse and bullying can all lead to feelings of guilt and low self-worth.
  • Mental health problems 

What is low Self Esteem

There are plenty of good reasons we may have lost our self-esteem over the years, but no good reasons to stay this way. If low self esteem is learned through childhood and teenage years, as adults it's time to decide to be brave and do something about it.

And luckily we all can take steps to improve our level of Self-esteem. For some it is harder than others, depending on past experiences, current situations and the people around them but nothing as valuable as self esteem comes easily,  But it may well be easier than  you think.

And it's well worth the effort, self-esteem will pay you back tenfold for the time you put into nurturing her friendship. 

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